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CiES fuel quantity gauge available for additional aircraftCiES fuel quantity gauge available for additional aircraft

More than 1,500 aircraft already have itMore than 1,500 aircraft already have it

CiES has added a bunch of legacy aircraft to its supplemental type certificate, enabling them to use the company’s digital fuel quantity sender.

More than 1,500 new aircraft are already able to use the digital fuel quantity sender. CiES fuel quantity systems are included on all new Cirrus SR20s, SR22s, and the Vision SF50 Jet; Quest Kodiak; Vulcanair P68; Gippsland GA10; and CAIGA aircraft, with many more to be added in the coming months.

CiES, located in Bend, Oregon, could replace failing and legacy fuel quantity indication as a retrofit program. The CiES digital fuel sender is a fit form and function replacement for existing fuel senders, and this requirement facilitated a relatively easy integration to legacy aircraft.

“For years, pilots of type certificated aircraft have suffered with marginal fuel quantity information, many don’t trust or rely on this FAA required instrumentation, and they have asked us for a method to install a more accurate and reliable fuel quantity system in their airplanes,” said Scott Philiben, CiES president.

“This STC illustrates that a conventional approach to FAA Approval is still a viable method of incorporating changes when safety of flight and regulatory requirements are involved. As we have seen with the re-write of FAR 23, there is a new attitude and working commitment at the FAA, and they are encouraging many efforts to improve the safety of the legacy aircraft fleet,” the company said in a news release.

The fuel sensors can now be used in a variety of older aircraft, including those made by Piper, Cessna, Maule, Beech, and Cirrus aircraft, to name a few. Pilots attending EAA AirVenture can stop by the company's display in Building D, Booth 4156.

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