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Mooney flies Ovation UltraMooney flies Ovation Ultra

Certification tests underway

The Mooney Ovation Ultra, one of two upgraded models that feature left-side doors and enhanced interiors, made its maiden flight June 4 out of Kerrville, Texas. The aircraft, still lacking paint, performed well in a 60-minute sortie by Chief Test Pilot Mike Miles, and will join the Acclaim Ultra (with a fresh coat of paint) at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in July.
Photo courtesy of Mooney International Corp.
The Mooney Ovation Ultra logged its first flight June 4, and the company plans to show it off at EAA AirVenture in July, along with the updated Acclaim Ultra. Photo courtesy of Mooney International Corp.

The “Ultra” versions of the M20 Acclaim and Ovation models were announced in February during a press event at the Mooney plant. The company has since posted 2016 list prices for the legacy M20R Ovation3 ($659,000) and the M20TN Acclaim ($719,000); the Acclaim Ultra is priced at $769,000 on the company website; no price was listed for the Ovation Ultra, though that will likely be among the details announced at EAA AirVenture.

The Ultra model enhancements include a keypad-accessible flight management system, larger doors and windows (which ease access to the rear seats, and improve the view for passengers), and a redesigned interior with two-tone seats. The redesign was completed with an eye on ergonomics and convenience (there are USB ports throughout, as one example), and the sheet-metal exterior of the legacy models has been replaced in the Ultra models with a single-piece composite shell. Speed remains one of Mooney’s key selling points: The turbocharged Acclaim Ultra will cruise at 242 knots true at altitude, with a 25,000 foot ceiling, and long-range tanks can extend the range to 1,275 nautical miles with a 45-minute reserve, according to data published by the company.

The normally aspirated Ovation Ultra will offer similar interior enhancements and slightly lower top speed, just under 200 knots (197 knots TAS is the published speed for the Ovation 3 model already in production).

The company announced plans to bring both of the upgraded Ultra models to Oshkosh July 25 through 31, with certification test flights to continue in the meantime.