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International Forest of Friendship honors Barry SchiffInternational Forest of Friendship honors Barry Schiff

Barry Schiff, the retired airline pilot, aviation speed record holder, award-winning author of 13 aviation books, and aviation media consultant who writes AOPA Pilot’s Proficient Pilot column, took his place among many internationally recognized aviators as a 2016 inductee of the International Forest of Friendship.
Barry Schiff

Schiff, a 28,000-hour pilot who holds 13 airline type ratings, was inducted in a ceremony June 18, said a news release from the organization based in Atchison, Kansas, that serves as “a living, growing memorial to the world history of aviation and aerospace.”

Schiff was recognized for his lifetime contributions to aviation, flight safety, and world friendship through flight, said the IFF, noting that he holds “every FAA category and class rating (except ‘blimp’)” and has also served as “an FAA-designated check airman (Boeing 767), an FAA-designated examiner, and has been appointed as an FAA-designated accident prevention counselor for life.”

As a 2016 honoree, Schiff joins 1,300 past inductees including Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, the Wright brothers, Sally Ride, Eileen Collins, and Chuck Yeager. 

The International Forest of Friendship “was a gift to America on the Nation’s 200th birthday” in 1976 from the City of Atchison, birthplace of Amelia Earhart, and The Ninety-Nines, the International Organization of Women Pilots.” The Forest is “made up of trees from all 50 states and 35 countries, including a ‘moon tree’ grown from a seed taken to the moon on Apollo 14,” the announcement said. 

This year, the theme for the celebration of the organization’s fortieth year was “World Friendship Through Flight.”

Schiff's induction also honored him for holding five world aviation speed records and having received a Congressional Commendation, France’s Louis Bleriot Air Medal, Switzerland’s Gold Proficiency Medal, an honorary doctorate in aeronautical science, and AOPA’s L.P. Sharples Perpetual Award. He also has been inducted as a Living Legend of Aviation and into the National Flight Instructor Hall of Fame.

In 1995 Schiff conceived, organized, and led “Operation Peace Flight” with the personal approval of King Hussein of Jordan and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The flight of 31 light airplanes carrying 135 Israelis, Jordanians, and Americans between Jerusalem and Amman, Jordan, was the first flight of any kind ever allowed between these countries, the IFF noted.

Schiff, of Camarillo, California, has written 1,700 magazine articles on flight safety, operational procedures, and aeronautical theory.

He was nominated for induction by the Ventura County Chapter of the Ninety-Nines.

Honorees of the International Forest of Friendship seated from left to right, Cindy Carrigan Apple, Gayle Gorman Green, and Jim Gorman (accepting for the late Marjorie Gorman); standing from left to right, Penny and Ron Blake, Christine Renee Poelma, Fred E. Hetrick, Diane Welch (accepting for herself and Perry Welch), Doris Humphrey Hetrick, Capt. Florence A. Sanders, Ann Shaneyfelt (accepting for Bee Haydu), Dee Bond (accepting for Pamela Ann Collings), James, Gregory, and Joyce Harding (accepting for the late Joyce Autry Harding); and back row right of the statue, Susan Sears (accepting for the late Esther Wyandt) and Debra Plymate and Wayne Nutsch (accepting for the late Glenn Plymate). Honorees Janet Gonzales , Bee Haydu, the late Delores Nusbaum, Senja Robey, and Captain Barry Schiff were not pictured.
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