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AOPA seeks GA waivers for Disneyland TFRAOPA seeks GA waivers for Disneyland TFR

Avoiding the TFR around Disneyland Park requires many aircraft to maneuver in close proximity to busy airport approach and departure paths.

AOPA is asking the FAA to make it easier and safer for general aviation aircraft to operate in the busy airspace near Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.

In a March 7 letter, AOPA asked the FAA to establish procedures for GA aircraft to obtain airspace waivers for certain operations within the temporary flight restriction (TFR) surrounding the theme park. The TFR is positioned between Los Angeles Class B airspace and Santa Ana Class C airspace.

“Maneuvering through this busy airspace while remaining clear of the TFR can be challenging and creates additional operational safety risks by requiring aircraft to fly in close proximity to approach/departure paths of nearby commercial service airports,” wrote Nobuyo Sakata, AOPA director of aviation security.

While the notam establishing the TFR does allow for exemptions, they are available only for operations relevant to the park, and they require verification that the flight is for an operational function of Disneyland. AOPA is asking the FAA to expand the waiver process to include other operations, such as aerial survey and photography, when they could be conducted more safely within the TFR than outside of it.

Elizabeth Tennyson

Elizabeth A Tennyson

Senior Director of Communications
AOPA Senior Director of Communications Elizabeth Tennyson is an instrument-rated private pilot who first joined AOPA in 1998.
Topics: Advocacy, Security, Airspace

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