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AOPA needs your ADS-B storyAOPA needs your ADS-B story

In an effort to advocate more effectively for increasing Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) surveillance coverage, AOPA is asking pilots to submit their stories of how equipping with ADS-B Out has benefited them. 
Lancaster Avionics technician Scott Kuhns has just installed a FreeFlight Systems universal access transceiver and Wi-Fi module behind the baggage compartment of a Cessna 172. The UAT will provide both ADS-B Out and In capabilities. Photo by Mike Collins.

AOPA intends to use these stories to help build a benefits case for expanding ADS-B surveillance coverage. Improving surveillance coverage can help air traffic controllers see aircraft on their scope at lower altitudes and in more remote locations.

Pilots with rule-compliant systems who are willing to share their story can submit it to AOPA. Anecdotes should include as much information as possible, such as the airport at which air traffic surveillance coverage was improved, and how ADS-B Out has benefited your general aviation flying, such as time or fuel savings. One topic AOPA is interested in is if ATC noticed you had ADS-B Out and then provided noticeably different services.

Pilots who submit stories may be contacted for additional information.

Topics: Advocacy, NextGen, ADSB

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