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Honeywell offers app to control cabin usageHoneywell offers app to control cabin usage

App can help keep leases profitableApp can help keep leases profitable

Operators who lease their business aircraft often find that the amount of data consumed by passengers makes the lease unprofitable, or at least makes it difficult and time consuming to recover the costs. Honeywell has created GoDirect Cabin Connectivity, a mobile app that helps aircraft owners control data usage over satellite communications systems plus accomplish other tasks.

Managing data consumption is often a concern for operators leasing their aircraft. Photo courtesy of Honeywell.

The app can be operated from an online portal or mobile device. GoDirect Cabin Connectivity eliminates the need for third-party support and puts "operators in control of network troubleshooting, access, data consumption, billing and more," according to a press release. The system is also able to troubleshoot connectivity problems.

“Expectations of fast and consistent connections are second nature in the minds of passengers. Troubleshooting support issues for in-flight systems has grown so complex, so it is important that operators can access all the services and support they need from a single provider,” said John Peterson, director of customer and product support for Honeywell. “Managing data consumption is especially important when someone other than the principle is using the aircraft. The new services such as GoDirect Access and GoDirect Portal can easily set data consumption limits to manage costs. The best feature of GoDirect Cabin Connectivity is when the principle is using the aircraft, they can revert back to unrestricted access to data with the click of a button.”

Like GoDirect Access, GoDirect Portal integrates with other Honeywell apps to help the operator better control the cabin. The apps can handle billing as well as determine usage of data. Another app, GoDirect Filter, helps prioritize in-flight data usage. GoDirect Cabin Connectivity will be available through the Apple app store.Honeywell's GoDirect app provides operators with features to help manage data consumption. Images courtesy of Honeywell.
Alton Marsh

Alton K. Marsh

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Alton K. Marsh is a former senior editor of AOPA Pilot and is now a freelance journalist specializing in aviation topics.
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