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PS Engineering cuts prices, adds standard featuresPS Engineering cuts prices, adds standard features

General aviation intercom and audio control system manufacturer PS Engineering announced reduced prices on plug-and-play audio panels, new standard features, and a free flight trial to encourage owners of legacy audio panels to upgrade.

Productivity improvements have allowed PS Engineering to cut prices on its PMA8000B and PMA8000BT slide-in replacement audio panels, the company said in an announcement from the Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-in and Expo in Lakeland, Florida.

The units are replacements for Garmin GMA340 and older PMA8000 audio panels (except PMA8000-SR). The upgrade is considered a minor alteration because all the units “meet the same certification basis,” the company said.

PS Engineering said the list price of a PMA8000B audio panel with front-panel music jack is $1,495. The list price of a PMA8000BT audio panel with Bluetooth connectivity is $1,795.

PS Engineering's PMA 8000G audio panel. Jim Moore photo.

The flagship PMA8000G is priced at $2,095 and comes with data-storage feature flightmate; a USB charger; Bluetooth; and included at no charge, the Bluetooth Streamer module that “delivers selected cockpit audio to compatible video cameras to record the complete in-flight experience,” functioning “at the same time as the main Bluetooth connection that is providing music, phone and audio messages to the cockpit,” the announcement said.

Productivity gains also brought about the addition of the Bluetooth Streamer module as standard equipment for its most advanced audio panel, the PMA450A, the company said.

“Each year our products become more capable, electronics become smaller, and new technologies create new challenges,” said company founder Mark Scheuer. “To keep ahead in the ever changing world of electronics, we invested heavily in state-of-the-art electronic manufacturing over the past two years. This has allowed us to realize a substantial reduction in our manufacturing costs.”

More information is available on PS Engineering’s website.

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