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Lindbergh Foundation to host galaLindbergh Foundation to host gala

Celebrating the ninetieth anniversary of Charles Lindbergh’s Atlantic Ocean crossing and the future of a drone program created to protect endangered wildlife, the Lindbergh Foundation will host a black-tie event May 20 in New York.

The event also will also mark the fortieth anniversary of the foundation’s creation to carry forward the vision of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh: Balance technological progress and conserve the environment. That vision is embodied by the Air Shepherd program that the foundation launched in 2015 to bring unmanned aircraft and data analytics to bear on poachers in Africa who have devastated animal populations, particularly elephants and rhinoceroses.

Charles Lindbergh, with Spirit of St. Louis in background. Restored by Crisco 1492 from File:Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of Saint Louis.tif (removed dust, scratches, including black spots on the wings which may or may not have been there in the original).

The May 20 gala will be at The Explorers Club, birthplace of the foundation created when Sir Edmund Hillary, Gen. James H. Doolittle, and astronaut Neil Armstrong led a national campaign to create the foundation.

Anousheh Ansari will be honored with the Anne Morrow Lindbergh Award. Ansari was the first female civilian astronaut, and she remains an active proponent of space exploration, and a philanthropist whose family name also was given to the X Prize awarded to Burt Rutan and his team, who launched the first private, manned mission to space in 2004. Ansari more recently accepted the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (The Salesman) on behalf of Asghar Farhadi, who is also Iranian-born, and who boycotted the Oscars this year to protest the travel ban imposed by President Donald Trump.

In addition to recognizing Ansari and Air Shepherd, the foundation also plans to recognize ongoing work to develop clean, quiet, electric aircraft as a viable means of transportation, and other significant contributions by people who balance technology and the environment.

“This is a momentous occasion and we are thrilled to share this evening with others dedicated to Charles and Anne Lindberghs’ vision of balancing technological advancements with preservation,” said John Petersen, chairman of the Lindbergh Foundation, in a news release.

Air Shepherd supports drone teams flying in South Africa, Malawi, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, working with drone-maker UAV and Drone Solutions to field technology that helps rangers track and capture poachers. The drones fly at night, when poachers are active, and use thermal cameras to spot humans and other animals, and provide tactical surveillance to ranger teams.

Tickets for the May 20 event are priced at $500 for individuals, and $5,000 for a supporter package. Tickets are available online, along with and information about lodging and logistics for the event.

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