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Garmin G5 flight instrument gains expanded approvalsGarmin G5 flight instrument gains expanded approvals

Garmin announced that its non-technical standard order (non-TSO’d) G5 electronic flight instrument, which earlier this year was approved for installation in many certified aircraft, has received additional authorizations from the FAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Photo courtesy of Garmin.

EASA has approved installing the instrument in place of an existing directional gyro or horizontal situation indicator in select general aviation aircraft, Garmin said in a news release.

With a depth of three inches with a backup battery, the G5 is suitable for installation in place of a standard 3 1/8-inch (79 millimeters) flight instrument, allowing it to easily be integrated into a wide range of aircraft. The G5 electronic flight instrument is approved for flight under VFR and IFR conditions.

“When paired with select VHF NAV/COMMs or GPS navigators, the G5 can be considered primary for displaying magnetic heading, VOR/LOC guidance and/or GPS course guidance, as well as distance and groundspeed,” Garmin said.

Installing dual G5s can eliminate “dependency on a failure-prone vacuum system in aircraft for attitude and heading information,” it added.

Garmin said it also has completed an amendment to its existing G5 supplemental type certification (STC) to allow certified aircraft owners to mount the G5 flush with their instrument panel.

The instrument also can be made compatible with a wide range of third-party autopilots in EASA-registered and FAA-registered aircraft by using the new GAD 29B adapter, Garmin said.

Coupled flight in heading and navigation modes is available with a compatible navigation source. When interfaced with a GTN 650/750 or GNS 430W/530W, the G5 can provide GPS steering (GPSS) roll steering navigation from the navigator to the autopilot, Garmin said. The pilot selects GPSS on the G5 and heading mode on the autopilot, and the autopilot will fly smooth intercepts, holding patterns, procedure turns, and more.

The G5 is available immediately for installation in hundreds of certified fixed-wing aircraft models and can be purchased through the Garmin authorized dealer network starting at $2,449, which includes the install kit, magnetometer, backup battery, and the STC. When interfaced with a compatible GPS navigator, the G5 is available with the GAD 29B adapter starting at $2,975, Garmin said.

For additional information, visit the Gamin website.

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