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Donations to AOPA Foundation make a tangible differenceDonations to AOPA Foundation make a tangible difference

Editor's note: This article was updated Dec. 21 with the latest end-of-year statistics from You Can Fly and the Air Safety Institute.

Thanks to AOPA Foundation donors, the You Can Fly and AOPA Air Safety Institute, which are completely funded by donations, developed programs that are making pilots safer, providing more affordable access to flying, teaching high school students about aviation, and getting more pilots back in the air.

In 2017, the Air Safety Institute’s safety programs were viewed more than 2 million times. The general aviation accident rate is at an all-time low, thanks in part to the institute’s safety materials that pilots study. The institute also launched the BasicMed online course, and more than 20,000 pilots are back in the left seat flying under the new alternative to medical certification.

The You Can Fly team made strides in helping pilots get back in the air. The team helped start 30 new flying clubs in 2017, giving nearly 300 pilots more affordable, easier access to aircraft. These clubs join the growing number (more than 800) of flying clubs in the AOPA Flying Club Network. Also this year, an estimated 1,895 of the more than 8,200 pilots who participated in Rusty Pilots seminars have completed their flight reviews and are actively flying again.

Taking aim at the younger generation to ensure a healthy future for GA, the You Can Fly team is field testing ninth grade aviation science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum on more than 700 students at 29 high schools in 17 states across the country.

These programs are funded exclusively by donations to the AOPA Foundation, not regular AOPA member dues.

“As we look ahead to 2018, there’s more work to be done,” AOPA President Mark Baker says in a special message about the many accomplishments made possible by generous donations. “Donate to the AOPA Foundation and be a part of the solution.”

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