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FAA proposes PA-31 airworthiness directiveFAA proposes PA-31 airworthiness directive

The FAA has proposed issuing an airworthiness directive (AD) affecting some Piper PA-31 Navajo twin-engine airplanes to require repetitive inspections for fatigue cracking in the fuselage bulkhead at the horizontal stabilizer front spar attachment, and any necessary repairs.

The proposed AD is estimated to pertain to 955 model PA-31, PA-31-300, PA-31-325, and PA-31-350 airplanes. It was prompted by fatigue cracking in the fuselage station (FS) 332.00 bulkhead common to the horizontal stabilizer front spar attachment, the FAA said.

If no cracks are found during inspection of the bulkhead, the proposed AD provides an optional modification “that will greatly reduce the likelihood of the specified cracks.”

Complying with the proposed AD is expected to cost $85 for the inspection and an additional $2,506 if repairs are needed. 

AOPA is reviewing the proposed AD and encourages members to contact the AOPA Pilot Information Center if they have specific comments or concerns about the proposal. The FAA will accept comments until Feb. 17.

Topics: Aircraft Regulation, Multiengine, Airworthiness Directives

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