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FAA notes concern about Navion gascolator leakageFAA notes concern about Navion gascolator leakage

The FAA has requested information by July 16 from owners and operators of some Navion-series airplanes about the potential leakage of gascolators.

In an airworthiness concern sheet, the agency cited the case of a Navion B that lost power during initial climb as a result of leakage from the gascolator. The gascolator’s rubber gaskets had failed, likely allowing air to enter the fuel system, the FAA said. Issuing an airworthiness concern sheet provides a means for the FAA to receive feedback from aircraft owners and operators about a specific airworthiness concern on which it may consider corrective action.

“A similar problem in Navion aircraft was prevalent enough that an Airworthiness Directive, AD 2008-05-14, was issued to detect and correct fuel selector valves that were leaking or improperly operating,” the airworthiness concern sheet notes.

The FAA is currently attempting to determine whether a one-time inspection of the fuel system required by the AD was sufficient, or if a repetitive inspection should be considered.

AOPA recommends that operators who are familiar with the products listed in the airworthiness concern sheet review the document and provide the requested information to the FAA.

Please email your response by July 16 to Kyle Bush, an aerospace engineer at the FAA’s Chicago Aircraft Certification Office. Please also forward a copy of your response to AOPA.

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