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Williams turbofans selected for Project Canada jetWilliams turbofans selected for Project Canada jet

One Aviation, the company led by Alan Klapmeier that produces the Eclipse 550 and Eclipse SE jets and is developing the Kestrel single-engine turboprop, has selected Williams International FJ33-5A-12 turbofan engines to power its newest jet announced last year under the name Project Canada.

New Eclipse model from One Aviation

The company, the product of a 2015 merger between Eclipse Aviation and Kestrel Aircraft, announced the switch to the Williams engine from the Pratt and Whitney PW615 at the recent annual convention of the Eclipse Jet Owners and Pilots Association in Amelia Island, Florida.

The aircraft, designated EA700, is an upgrade and 14-inch stretch of the Eclipse 500/550. It will hold more fuel in its wing that is lengthened by two-foot extensions on each side, will have more cabin volume, and will be equipped with Garmin G3000 avionics.

Absent from the new jet will be the external wing tip tanks added to the Eclipse 500 during development in favor of upswept wing tips.

The Williams medium-bypass FJ33-5A-12 engines, an FJ33 variant certified in 2016, are capable of producing up to 1,900 pounds of takeoff thrust, but will be de-rated for installation on the EA700 to just under 1,200 pounds, the company said, noting that the engine "will allow the aircraft to not only meet, but exceed the performance goals established for the project."

Those goals include a maximum-cruise-speed range of more than 1,470 nautical miles with a 100-nautical-mile reserve, and a capability to climb direct to its maximum operating altitude of 43,000 feet msl.

"Takeoff performance is also significantly improved enabling it to depart high altitude airports on hot days without offloading fuel or payload," One Aviation said.

"I look forward to working with Williams and to all the possibilities the FJ33 brings to the 'Canada project,’" said Klapmeier. "The additional power and efficiency of the Williams engines will once again change our customers' view of personal jet performance."

Williams International CEO Gregg Williams welcomed the selection of the engine for One Aviation’s "exciting new offering," and credited the Williams team with "developing and certifying an engine that is making jet travel more affordable."

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