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Turbo Skyhawk earns certification, notes performance gainsTurbo Skyhawk earns certification, notes performance gains

The diesel-powered Cessna Turbo Skyhawk JT-A equipped with next-generation avionics and a standard angle of attack display system has been certified in the United States and Europe, and is exceeding some initial performance targets, said Textron Aviation.

Image courtesy of Textron Aviation.

The Turbo Skyhawk, introduced in 2014, has been certified with Garmin G1000 NXi avionics by the FAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency, paving the way for deliveries to customers, the company announced in a news release.

The Continental CD-155 engine-powered airplane (a factory option that includes an integrated powerplant, propeller, and cockpit upgrade package boosting standard Skyhawk performance) also “has exceeded initial performance targets including improved maximum range.”

The direct-fuel-injected, full-authority-digital-engine-control aircraft “has achieved an improved range of 963 nautical miles, an increase of 78 nautical miles over original estimates,” Textron Aviation said.

Textron Aviation also noted an improved takeoff distance of 1,320 feet—bettering the aircraft’s published specification of 1,615 feet—and a maximum climb rate of 767 feet per minute, improving on the 712-fpm climb rate published value.

“The Skyhawk platform represents the most successful single-engine aircraft of all time, and we’re excited to further enhance its capabilities with Jet-A powerplant technology,” said Doug May, vice president for piston aircraft. “The Turbo Skyhawk JT-A allows operators to meet changing environmental regulations around the world, providing solutions to increase the global reach of this already proven platform.”

Photo courtesy of Textron Aviation.
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