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March 17, 2017, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletterMarch 17, 2017, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletter

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Top Stories
Trump proposes ATC privatization
The White House proposed privatizing air traffic control in a budget outline released March 16. The plan would "shift the air traffic control function of the Federal Aviation Administration to an independent, non-government organization." Read more >
AOPA Live This Week
Secrets of great instruction; Navy pilots fly Magic Carpet
Look behind the scenes at a Florida flight school that topped the list in the AOPA 2016 Flight Training Excellence Awards and see what makes it stand out. Also this week, be among the first to see how the U.S. Navy's Magic Carpet makes carrier landings relatively simple. Watch AOPA Live This Week®, March 16 >
Technique and Safety
AOPA Premier Partner created content
Approach lighting for IFR pilots
This new, six-minute video from AOPA Premier Partner PilotWorkshops describes the different approach lighting systems and how they affect your final approach and landing, especially in instrument meteorological conditions. Watch this short refresher and learn how a deeper understanding of approach lighting can help you in the final phase of your flight. (Image courtesy of PilotWorkshops.) Watch the video >
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What's in a sign?
What do yellow chevron pavement markings signify? Test your knowledge with the AOPA Air Safety Institute's Airport Signs and Markings quiz. Correctly interpreting the various signs at a glance is one of the best ways to avoid a runway incursion. Take the quiz >
More news
'Real Pilot Story: Toddler Overboard'
Safety spotlight offers tips for flight planning
Learn about the heart and lungs of your aircraft
FAA updating guidance for Part 141 pilot training
The FAA has issued a draft advisory circular that updates official guidance for the certification of 14 CFR Part 141 pilot schools. Read more >
AOPA backs Santa Monica in court
AOPA has sought court recognition to support future intervention as the nation's second-highest court weighs the fate of Santa Monica Municipal Airport in California. Read more >
Lantana Airport faces new TFR shutdown
The economic impact of security shutdowns of the general aviation airport near President Donald Trump's Florida estate seemed likely to escalate as a new temporary flight restriction was set to take effect from March 17 to 19 in the Palm Beach area. Read more >
Area forecast elimination timetable updated
The graphical weather products designed for pilots as a comprehensive replacement for the legacy text-based area forecast will become operational on April 13—but the old-school weather forecasts they were introduced to replace won't be going away for a while. Read more >
Pilot Protection Services
Medication name game
If you take any kind of medication, determine whether you really need it, whether the FAA permits you to take it and still fly, whether it interacts with other medicines you are taking, where it is located (if it is something you might need to take quickly), and how to pronounce it. Read more >
DJI tallies drone saves
The world's leading consumer drone manufacturer has counted at least 59 lives saved by drones, and DJI suggests there have been many more as it makes a case against restrictions. Read more >
Folding seat concept advances in Airbus challenge
Four Iowa State aeronautical engineering students are representing the United States in a worldwide Airbus engineering challenge. The team's concept—folding seats to free up airline space during boarding—advanced them to the second round of the competition. (Photo courtesy of team CyFly.) Read more >
AOPA Fly-Ins: Get there if you can
Opinion Leaders blogger Jolie Lucas touts the benefits of the AOPA Regional Fly-Ins' hands-on, intensive workshops that feature tracks for maintenance, instrument flying, extreme flying, weather, and a special program for pilots and their nonpilot companions. Read more >
Avidyne launches release 10.2 and IFD550
Avidyne Corp. announced at the Aircraft Electronics Association's annual convention March 13 through 16 in New Orleans that it has received FAA technical standard order approval and an approved model list-supplemental type certificate for its new IFD550 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM with an integrated attitude reference system. Read more >
Glass enhancements unveiled at avionics show
A number of new and updated products were announced at the Aircraft Electronics Association's sixtieth anniversary convention. Read more >
Appareo adds dual USB charging port
Appareo introduced Stratus Power, its new technical standard order-certified dual USB Standard-A charging port, at the Aircraft Electronics Association's 2017 convention. With a list price of $349, the company said Stratus Power is the industry’s most affordable certified USB-A charging port. Read more >
Cuba: Visitors welcome
It's not the controllers speaking Spanish. It's not the sparse terminal or awkward immigration process. It's after arriving at the country's largest and busiest airport, walking outside to an empty parking lot, hopping into a 1955 Plymouth, and immediately turning onto a potholed dirt road that you realize how far away 90 miles can be. Explore Cuba with AOPA Editor Ian Twombly and see what it's like to visit the island for the first time in decades. Read more >
Share your hidden gem
Pilots are always looking for new adventures. Share your favorite destination in the Hidden Gem contest, sponsored by Aviat Aircraft, to enter for a chance to win a weekend of backcountry flying in an Aviat Husky along the Salmon River in Idaho. Learn more >
Tips for buying an aircraft
Buying an aircraft can be a daunting task. A good place to begin is with two major considerations: mission and cost. Once you have determined what aircraft will be best for you, search sales websites and use the aircraft valuation tool Vref to narrow the candidates. Read more >
AOPA Member Benefit
AOPA offers options for commercial drone operations
AOPA Insurance Services works with several insurance companies to offer coverage for drones including liability protection, additional coverage for payloads (cameras, equipment, etc.), and options to cover the drone itself. Read more >
News and Notes
Air racing legend Bill Brennand remembered
Pilot, air racer, and aviation entrepreneur Bill Brennand, who guided Buster to the Goodyear Trophy in 1947, built a thriving Wisconsin airport from the ground up, and helped establish EAA AirVenture's Seaplane Base, died March 14 at age 92. (Photo courtesy of Jim Cunningham.) Read more >
Tecnam Aircraft founder Luigi Pascale has died
Tecnam Aircraft announced that Luigi Pascale, the company's founder and president, and an award-winning aircraft designer, died March 14 after a brief illness. He was 93. (Photo courtesy of Tecnam Aircraft.) Read more >
B-29 'Doc' cleared to tour
The FAA has approved a new airworthiness certificate for the Boeing B-29 Superfortress Doc that will allow the historic warbird to tour the airshow circuit. Read more >
Red Bull schedule complete
Modern machines will race against a backdrop of ancient architecture in Porto, Portugal, in September, and the Red Bull Air Race World Championship also returns to Germany that same month. The season calendar was finalized a month ahead of the second race in San Diego. (Photo by Andreas Schaad/Red Bull Content Pool.) Read more >
Closing aviation's gender gap
No pilot takes sharing the fun of aviation more seriously than Dianna Stanger—and she has trophies and awards to prove it—but now she's outdone herself. (Photo courtesy of Jasmine Gordon.) Read more >
Baker to participate in aircraft finance conference
The National Aircraft Finance Association will hold its forty-sixth annual conference March 22 to 24 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and AOPA President Mark Baker will be one of the speakers. Read more >
Find out what BasicMed means for you
Learn how to take advantage of the new BasicMed regulations once they go into effect May 1. AOPA experts will discuss who can fly under BasicMed, what qualifying pilots need to do, and which aircraft qualify during an AOPA Pilot Protection Services livestream March 22 at 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Register now >
Career Opportunities
Aviation job board
Job of the week: Drone data technician
Blue River Technology is looking for a technician to collect and process drone imagery from the heavy-lift multirotor drone to image crops at research farms near Lubbock, Texas. This position will assist with analyzing the imagery collected by the drone, as well as assisting the pilot during flight to ensure the target area is covered. Read the full description and apply today >
AOPA career opportunities
Join the AOPA team
Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation into a career? AOPA is looking for a flight training technology senior director, design manager, aviation insurance sales director, graphic design intern, executive office manager, project manager, UI/front-end developer, public affairs and executive communications manager, communications coordinator, legal services plan attorney, digital asset manager and graphic designer, aviation event operations senior manager, travel and destination products director, insurance program administration manager, donor relations director, flying clubs initiative director, lead aircraft maintenance and aviation technical specialist, and part-time administrative assistant. To learn more about these and other AOPA career opportunities, visit AOPA Online >
Question of the Week

You receive a call from the airport manager to inform you that your aircraft's emergency locator transmitter (ELT) has been going off for the past three hours. Will you be able to fly the aircraft on a scheduled business trip tomorrow?
According to 14 CFR 91.207, the battery must be replaced after more than one hour of cumulative use or after 50 percent of its useful life has expired. An exception would allow you to have the ELT removed and a placard placed in the cockpit. If the ELT cannot be replaced or removed and placarded before your departure time, you will not be able to make the flight.

Got a question for our technical services staff? Contact AOPA.
Education & Seminars
Flight Instructor Refresher Courses
Mar 18-19 Ontario, California; and Santa Clara, California
Apr 1-2 Atlanta, Georgia; Dedham, Massachusetts; Dulles, Virginia; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Tampa, Florida
Apr 8-9 Denver, Colorado; Salt Lake City, Utah; and San Diego, California
May 6-7 Albany, New York; Hollywood, Florida; and Pensacola, Florida

For a complete schedule, see AOPA Online. Can't make it in person? Sign up for the Air Safety Institute's Online eFIRC.

Safety Seminars
Mar 20 Bedford, Massachusetts; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Ypsilanti, Michigan
Mar 21 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and Independence, Ohio
Mar 22 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; and Columbus, Ohio
Mar 23 King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; and Batavia, Ohio

Topics vary—for details and a complete schedule, see AOPA Online.

Rusty Pilots Seminars
Mar 18 Torrance, California; Lima, Ohio; Buffalo, New York; Berkley Township, New Jersey; Homestead, Florida; and Galveston, Texas
Mar 25 Orlando, Florida; Kennesaw, Georgia; Spencer, Iowa; Burlington, Iowa; Sarasota, Florida; Belleville, Michigan; Van Nuys, California; Gaithersburg, Maryland; Bedford, Massachusetts; and Olathe, Kansas
Apr 1 South Portland, Maine; Hayden, Idaho; Mansfield, Massachusetts; Watkins, Colorado; Glencoe, Minnesota; Murphysboro, Illinois; College Station, Texas; Gulf Shores, Alabama; and Aurora, Oregon
Apr 5 Lakeland, Florida

For a complete schedule, see AOPA Online.

Aviation Calendar

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