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November 28, 2017, issue of 'AOPA Drone Pilot'November 28, 2017, issue of 'AOPA Drone Pilot'

VOL 1, ISSUE 21 November 28, 2017
Top Stories
DJI threatens hacker
After computer researcher Kevin Finisterre exposed details of his intrusion into the servers of the world's leading consumer drone maker, gaining access to sensitive customer information, DJI pushed back. Ars Technica breaks down the details. Read more >
Training and Safety
Police train drone pilots
Police officers in the Chicago suburb of Elgin, Illinois, also serve as instructors in a new community college drone training program. Read more >
AOPA adds drone seminars
AOPA continues to develop partnerships with flight schools across the country to offer free seminars for drone pilots interested in Part 107 certification. Seats fill quickly, and advance registration is required. Find a seminar near you and register today >
AquaMAV flies, swims, flies
The Aerial Robotics Lab at Imperial College London has produced a prototype drone that can fly, dive under water, collect samples, and launch back into the air. Read more >
Holiday gift guide
WIRED magazine chose nine drones ranging from toys to serious tools in its holiday gift guide for pilots. Read more >
DJI upgrades goggles
DJI has upgraded its first-person-view goggles and released an add-on camera module with an eye on drone racing. Read more >
Roller coaster chase
Red-FPV used a custom drone to chase a roller coaster in France. Read more and watch a video >
Thermal view of Georgia Dome implosion
A thermal imaging camera flown by the team that created Skyfire Consulting and the Atlanta Drone Group captured the demolition of the Georgia Dome. Watch the video >
Regulation and Policy
Congress votes to restore registration
A bill backed by AOPA that would restore the registration requirement for drones flown for recreation under Part 101 now awaits a presidential signature to become law. Read more >
FAA seeks comment on drone certification criteria
The FAA is seeking public comment on the first airworthiness certification of its kind for a 440-pound unmanned helicopter. Read more >
Michigan task force urges drone restrictions
A task force on drones created by Michigan lawmakers has proposed a variety of new restrictions. Read more >
Archaeologists find unmanned aircraft useful
Add archaeology to the list of fields and professions being transformed by unmanned aircraft. Read more >
Professor warns of killer drone swarms
Professor Stuart Russell of the University of California, Berkeley has captured attention with his multimedia warning about the dark potential of drones. Read more >
Inside the Pentagon's anti-drone efforts
With terrorists increasingly using off-the-shelf consumer drones as weapons, The Washington Post takes a closer look at countermeasures being developed. Read more >
Video depicts airport disruption
A video posted by CNBC depicts the impact on manned air traffic after a drone sighting prompted controllers to send aircraft into holding patterns. Read more >
Featured Video
Human vs. robot drone race
In a modern-day adaptation of the legend of John Henry, the railroad steel driver who raced a steam-powered hammer, NASA researchers pitted a computer-driven quadcopter against a similar model flown by Ken Loo, who we must assume was not fatally exhausted. (Photo courtesy of NASA via YouTube.) Watch the video >
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