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October 6, 2017, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletterOctober 6, 2017, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletter

VOL 19, ISSUE 40 October 6, 2017
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Top Stories
ATC 'privatization' delayed
Despite a push from proponents beholden to the airline lobby, the U.S. House of Representatives again delayed a vote on a controversial proposal to reorganize the air traffic control system, a bill that AOPA and nearly 200 general aviation groups have strongly opposed, with no word as of Oct. 5 on when the vote might come. Read more >
AOPA Live This Week
False ATC claims exposed; Inside look at Piper
Air traffic control privatization proponents ramp up the falsehoods about the ATC system, and AOPA sets the record straight. Students in Ada, Oklahoma, learn science, technology, engineering, and math skills through AOPA's You Can Fly high school curriculum. Plus, peek inside Piper Aircraft's Vero Beach, Florida, production factory for an advance look at a tour you can take Oct. 27 during AOPA's Tampa Fly-In, presented by Peter O. Knight Airport. Watch AOPA Live This Week®, Oct. 5 >
AOPA Fly-Ins
Groton is ready for your arrival
Attendees arriving by air, land, or sea for the AOPA Fly-In at Groton, Connecticut, presented by Columbia Aircraft Sales, Oct. 6 and 7, can expect expert handling from the AOPA team, volunteers, and the host FBO, which has served general aviation since 1980. Read more >
Sunshine City
Whether you're in Florida for the AOPA Tampa Fly-In, presented by Peter O. Knight Airport, Oct. 27 and 28, or you just want to spend a weekend where the sun shines an average of 361 days a year, St. Petersburg makes a great aviation getaway. Read more >
Technique and Safety
'Seneca 47C, radar contact is lost'
Are you prepared to do the right thing every time you fly? The AOPA Air Safety Institute's Accident Case Study: Cross-Country Crisis probes a pilot's ill-fated decisions that led to a deadly accident. See why constantly assessing decisions before and during a flight is so important for a safe outcome. Watch the video >
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Are you and ATC on the same page?
Will the words "minimum fuel" alert air traffic control that you're experiencing a fuel emergency? Review the AOPA Air Safety Institute's ATC Terminology quiz for the answer, and brush up on other terms used in the ATC system. Take the quiz >
Online resource
Take part in 'CFItoCFI'
While written for flight instructors, all pilots can benefit from the AOPA Air Safety Institute's CFItoCFI newsletter. In the latest issue, flight instructor Mark Henshall recalls an in-flight emergency that taught his student about exercising authority as pilot in command. Also, share thoughts on improving stall awareness training, and find out how a healthy dose of apprehension can make better flight instructors and pilots. Access the newsletter >
The drone factor
The sightings are split-second events, and the objects spotted don't always appear where you'd expect during an instrument approach. Unmanned aircraft underscore the need for pilots flying IFR to perform the required scan for traffic. Read more >
Sponsored by Aircraft Spruce
Aircraft Maintenance: Flight control cables
Properly maintaining flight control cables is critical to safety of flight and should be given attention more often than just during annual inspections, writes A&P mechanic Jeff Simon. Read more >
BasicMed: 20,000 now airborne...and climbing
May 1 marked the official launch of BasicMed, the most significant alternative to a third class medical since the 1960s. Just five months into the program, more than 20,000 pilots are now flying under the new rule. Read more >
Weaponized drones prompt flight restrictions
The Statue of Liberty, Hoover Dam, and Mount Rushmore are among 10 popular landmarks and attractions ruled off-limits to drones, a prohibition that took effect Oct. 5. The FAA imposed the new restrictions citing a request by "national security and law enforcement agencies." Read more >
Agreements advance safety cooperation
Collaboration agreements between European and North American aviation regulators should help bring to market new aircraft, incorporating "innovative designs and technologies" without prohibitive prices, AOPA said. Read more >
Mandatory ICAO flight plan filing on hold
The FAA has postponed its plan to require that pilots use the international flight plan format for all civil flight plans filed with flight service for flights within the National Airspace System and to Canada. Read more >
Pilot Protection Services
Blood flow essential to pilots' health
A pilot flying at average general aviation speeds would need to fly almost 24 hours a day for 2.5 weeks (with aerial refueling) to fly the distance of the human body's arteries, veins, and capillaries lined up end to end, explains Dr. Kenneth Stahl, who offers advice for keeping blood flowing through all those vessels. Read more >
Longitude gets Garmin's new Doppler radar
Textron Aviation's super-midsize Citation Longitude will be the launch aircraft for Garmin International's new GWX 80 Doppler-based airborne weather radar. Read more >
Garmin announces 'reimagined' flight displays
Garmin has unveiled a new TXi family of products that includes three scalable touch-screen flight displays for a wide range of aircraft, and an engine information system that offers a variety of integration possibilities and displays easy-to-read, real-time engine indications. Read more >
Stratus ES lands certification
The FAA issued a supplemental type certificate on Sept. 22 for the second product in Appareo's Stratus line of cost-effective, panel-mounted Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out transponders. Read more >
Faster, feature-rich G1000s for Citation Mustangs
Cessna Citation Mustang owners and operators will soon be able to swap out their legacy Garmin G1000 avionics for a retrofit with Garmin's latest G1000 NXi flight deck. Garmin announced that a supplemental type certificate for the Mustang upgrade should be approved in the second half of 2018. Read more >
BRS announces Cessna parachute installation network
Cessna 172 and 182 owners seeking an extra margin of safety can now turn to a nationwide network of parachute installation centers authorized to add the life-saving devices. Read more >
AOPA app version 1.1 features landscape view
The ability to rotate between portrait and landscape views and to pinch zoom are two new features in version 1.1 of the AOPA app. The popular app has more than 7,000 installations in two months, and high user ratings. Read more >
Unique fly-ins across America
Almost as long as Americans have been flying, they've been gathering their airplanes together at fly-ins. Here are a few fly-ins from across the spectrum, the country, and the calendar year to give you an idea of what's out there. Read more >
Vibrant river city
There's more to San Antonio than the Alamo, the River Walk, and the Spurs. Read more >
Recreational Aviation Foundation opens online auction
The Recreational Aviation Foundation has launched a fundraising auction to bolster the organization's financial resources for projects to expand pilots' choices of fun flying destinations. Read more >
UND introduces freshman scholarship
For the first time, a freshman at the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences will soon have the opportunity to earn a scholarship to the world-renowned school at the University of North Dakota. Read more >
Answers for pilots
Tips for selling an aircraft
When you're ready to sell your aircraft, you'll need to understand the sales process. Here are some tips to get you started. Read more >
News and Notes
Drone pilot provides data from Black Hawk midair
NTSB investigators have tracked down and interviewed the pilot of a DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter that was destroyed in a Sept. 21 collision with a U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopter at 500 feet just off the shoreline of Staten Island, New York. The collision damaged the helicopter and required the Army crew to make an emergency landing. Read more >
GA airfield plays crucial role in Puerto Rico
Carlos Reyes, the owner-operator of San Juan, Puerto Rico's Isla Grande Flying School at Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport, said the general aviation airfield has played a crucial role in relief efforts after Hurricane Maria. Read more >
Giving Kids Wings aviation camp soars
California educator and pilot Dan Mikkelsen, founder of Giving Kids Wings, an aviation camp that teaches high school students to fly gliders, hopes to transform the traditional high school curriculum by making "aviation as commonplace as algebra and history." Read more >
California Aeronautical University created content
'Mobile Flight Experience' tours California to promote aviation
California Aeronautical University's "Mobile Flight Experience" tours California to promote aviation and encourage the next generation to start their careers as aviation professionals. This year, the highly popular interactive exhibit has made appearances at airshows, high schools, and community events across California. Read more >
You Can Fly
AOPA High School Aviation Symposium set for Nov. 6 and 7
Educators should plan to attend the third annual AOPA High School Aviation STEM Symposium, presented by American Airlines, Nov. 6 and 7 in Fort Worth, Texas. Attendees will share best practices, resources, and strategies to inspire high school students studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The event also includes tours of American Airlines and the Fort Worth Air Route Traffic Control Center. Register today >
Member benefit
Understanding your insurance limits
Have you ever stared blankly at your insurance policy, trying to understand all the industry jargon, unsure of how it applies to you? AOPA Insurance Services Vice President and Director of Operations Jim Pinegar decodes the jargon. Read more >
Career Opportunities
Aviation job board
Job of the week: Instructor, Tarrant County College District
Tarrant County College District in Fort Worth, Texas, is seeking an instructor for its professional pilot program. Duties include teaching classes based on varied schedules, aiding in the development of curricula, and selecting textbooks, among other things. A flight or ground instructor certificate is required. Read the full description and apply today >
AOPA career opportunities
Join the AOPA team
Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation into a career? AOPA is looking for an administrative clerk, survey analyst/survey researcher, marketing program coordinator, legislative affairs vice president, airports and state advocacy vice president, and legal services plan attorney. To learn more about these and other AOPA career opportunities, visit AOPA Online >
Question of the Week

Can a pilot complete a phase of the FAA's Wings program as an alternative to a flight review? If so, is it necessary to fly with an instructor?
Yes, a phase of the Wings program can substitute for a flight review if it is completed within time limits set by regulation. Yes, you must fly with a flight instructor to receive credit.

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