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On-demand aircraft valuation reports offeredOn-demand aircraft valuation reports offered

Aircraft online marketplace has entered into a partnership with aircraft valuation service VREF to provide point-of-sale value opinions to help sellers and buyers of aircraft do business.

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The opinion-of-value reports, branded as VREF Verified, are “designed to assist users with complex aircraft valuations, adjusting for specific component times, installed equipment (OEM and aftermarket), extensive modifications, conversions and rare aircraft,” says a description of the service on the website.

“In a first for the aviation market, thanks to the innovative teams at and VREF, aircraft brokers, buyer’s agents and private buyers will be able to purchase, direct from the point of sale, the VREF Verified Report,” said CEO and founder Andrew Leece, in an email. “A comprehensive evaluation based on the listed aircraft’s actual component status and installed equipment” is returned to the user, “‘stamped’ and verified the same business day.” The report covers the aircraft’s title and damage history, “allowing buyers and sellers to transact with confidence.”

VREF has provided aviation professionals including pilots, appraisers, flight departments, and aircraft finance personnel with aircraft value opinions since 1994, and is AOPA’s official aircraft value guide.

For AOPA members, a free resource is VREF’s aircraft valuation service, usable as a starting point for attempting to determine the general retail value of an airplane. The service is simple to use—just submit the aircraft model and year to view the wholesale and retail prices of the aircraft. Also shown is a table of modifications, additions, and conversions that may apply, and the impact the changes have on the aircraft’s value. Although the service is not designed to provide a detailed appraisal of a particular aircraft, it is a reliable way to compare aircraft and get a general idea of their values.

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