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Bye selects parachute for eFlyer 2

The electric airplanes that George Bye and his company are cooking up in Colorado will come with a parachute, Bye Aerospace announced on August 10.

Image courtesy of Bye Aerospace.

Aviation Safety Resources Inc. will supply the full-airframe parachute that will give pilots flying the eFlyer 2, currently in testing for certification, an option if things go sideways.

ASR, of Kentucky, will design, prototype, and test the recovery system.

“We applaud Bye Aerospace for their commitment to safety,” said Larry Williams, ASR president and CEO. “Our Soteria line whole-aircraft emergency recovery parachute systems are designed to safely bring down an entire aircraft and its occupants in the event of a severe inflight emergency. Soteria solutions provide aircraft designers and, ultimately, customers, sleeker installations and more cost-effective safety solutions. We look forward to collaborating with the Bye Aerospace team to develop a recovery system that matches the unique configuration of the eFlyer 2.”  

Bye is striving to break new ground as the first airplane maker to gain FAA certification of an electric aircraft. The eFlyer is made with flight training in mind, promising flight schools a dramatic reduction in cost. Bye, in a recent interview with AOPA's Hangar Talk podcast cohost Ian Twombly, noted that electric aircraft can operate for just 20 percent of the hourly cost of a legacy trainer. Bye said progress continues, though he noted that being the first to put an electric aircraft through FAA certification has its challenges.

“Being a pioneer, by definition, this road has not been built before, so, here we go,” Bye said.

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