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Seamax upgrades M–22 amphib LSA

Light sport airplane manufacturer Seamax Aircraft announced upgrades to its high-wing, Rotax engine-powered amphibious M–22 including a redesigned, lighter carbon fiber wing and leak-resistant single-piece aluminum fuel tanks.

The upgraded LSA Seamax M-22. Photo courtesy of Seamax Aircraft.

Replacing the existing wing’s aluminum structure with carbon fiber, including flaps and ailerons, has reduced wing weight by 25 percent, Seamax Aircraft said in a news item posted on its website. The redesigned wing is standard for all aircraft being produced in April.

“Carbon fiber has been introduced because of its properties, such as high tensile strength, low specific weight, outstanding durability, resistance to chemical attacks, and zero corrosion susceptibility,” the company said. “Corrosion is the main villain in the useful life of materials and the cause of many failures.”

Minor changes have been made to the wing covering system, including new fabric and a “proprietary process to make it waterproof and durable,” Seamax Aircraft said.

The wing’s redesign produced a “cleaner and flatter” wing surface and reduces labor time required for wing production by 40 percent, “resulting in a better overall lead time of the Seamax’s production and quality control,” the announcement added.

Inside each wing is a new aluminum unibody fuel tank built from a single piece of aluminum. The upgrade permits a “more reliable and seamless production process” and makes it “virtually impossible” for fuel to leak from the tank, Seamax said.

Seamax said it would soon announce a new avionics-panel lineup with three different trim options and new pricing for the aircraft.

However, customers who commit to purchase before the end of the Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo on April 18 will be offered pricing as indicated on the Seamax Aircraft website, the manufacturer said.

Seamax Aircraft’s exhibit at Sun 'n Fun is located in booth LD-004.

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