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AD requires some Cessna Caravan elevator inspectionsAD requires some Cessna Caravan elevator inspections

The FAA has issued an airworthiness directive requiring repetitive inspections of some Cessna 208 and Cessna 208B single-engine airplanes for loose elevator torque tube attach fasteners.

The AD, which takes effect April 12, affecting an estimated 232 U.S.-registered aircraft, also requires operators to report the inspection results to the FAA and replace any loose or incorrectly installed fasteners.

The FAA adopted the AD as originally proposed on September 22, 2020, noting the action was “prompted by reports of loose elevator torque tube attach fasteners on low flight time Textron Model 208B airplanes.”

A concern for aircraft in the serial-number range noted in the AD was that “fastener holes in the inboard and outboard elevator torque tube connections may have been oversized and fasteners at the inboard and outboard torque tube connections may have been installed incorrectly.”

Inspections at the designated compliance times—established according to individual aircraft time in service—must be conducted following procedures provided in the Cessna Model 208 Maintenance Manual.

The FAA estimated the combined cost per aircraft of inspection and reporting at $170 for each compliance cycle. The cost of replacing all 48 fasteners, if found to be necessary, was estimated at $1,370.

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