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FAA announces pilots can track medical applications in real time

A welcome measure of transparency

The FAA has added a new feature to its online MedXPress process, allowing pilots to track their medical applications in real time—a welcome sign that the agency is working to modernize its outdated systems.

Beginning April 15, all new applicants signing into MedXPress accounts will be able to see their real-time application status on a dashboard. The system is designed so that pilots will no longer need to call the Office of Aerospace Medicine for updates. Those with applications prior to that date will be able to see any new activity on the dashboard when new action is taken on their case. This process will not alleviate the current backlog of applications.

Status updates will change as the application moves through the FAA’s review process and will be listed as: pending, in review, additional information requested, final medical review, and complete.

If an application is deferred or denied, the applicant will receive additional detailed information via mail. Additionally, pilots will be able to see when documents are scanned into the system.

According to the agency, changes to the MedXPress program were made in a bid to be more transparent with the aviation community. “If you can track where your ridesharing car is or the status of a company delivering your package, pilots should be able to see online the real-time status of their application,” said Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup.

AOPA has championed changes to the medical certification process for years, and welcomes this new program intended to help pilots track their medical applications.

“Wondering the status of one’s medical application has been an issue for our members and pilots for some time, we are hopeful this feature will be a valuable tool for transparency,” said AOPA Director of Medical Certification Gary Crump. “We are thankful for Dr. Northrup’s leadership and the staff of Office of Aerospace Medicine for their continued efforts to improve transparency and customer service for aviators and the industry.”

Amelia Walsh

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