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Changes you can expect in the upcoming Pilot Guides

Updates, modifications, paperless options coming to fruition

The AOPA Pilot Guides have been a proven staple for pilots looking to fly south to warm waters and sandy beaches—and just like most things lately—change has made its way to the guides.

The AOPA Pilot Guides: Bahamas and Caribbean editions, which have been a part of the AOPA brand for over 10 years, are a resource that we look forward to publishing for our members and readers alike. Whether you’re planning your first overwater flight to the Bahamas or you’re a seasoned Caribbean flyer, the guides are a helpful resource. From runway information to lodging and dining options, each edition is packed with information that can be applied to any extended vacation or short weekend trip.

Two notable changes to the guides include the discontinuation of the aviation charts (now commonly available to pilots online and in their electronic flight bag), and access to exclusive AOPA Pilot Guide content in the AOPA Airports and Destinations Directory.

Eric Rush, AOPA director of product development, has been looking forward to launching this integration with the directory for years. “For many years, the AOPA Pilot Guides have been a trusted resource for pilots flying to the islands,” he said. “Now, we have integrated the information contained in the printed books into the online AOPA Airports and Destinations Directory where it can be directly updated any time by airport and business managers from the islands. This will help keep the information as current as possible while providing a familiar interface to use when planning trips to the islands. Being part of the online AOPA airport directory will also allow users to add reviews, photos, and other helpful information to make island travel by GA even easier.”

“The amount of research the team puts into the AOPA Pilot Guides is truly impressive,” said Kollin Stagnito, AOPA senior vice president of media and marketing. “Hundreds of hours of phone calls, online research, and emailing are spent verifying customs and landing procedures, airport information, accommodations, entertainment, and more. Much has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, and our goal is to help reduce surprises and maximize enjoyment for pilots flying to the Bahamas and Caribbean.”

You can purchase the guides in print or digital format.

Cayla McLeod

Cayla McLeod Hunt

Social Media Marketer
Social Media Marketer Cayla McLeod Hunt is a private pilot with a love for tailwheel and backcountry aircraft. When she isn't writing stories, she enjoys flying with friends and introducing others to general aviation.
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