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FAA certifies new Avidyne IFD series operating system

Avidyne announced technical standard order approval and supplemental type certificate approval for its newest operating system software.

Photo courtesy of Avidyne.

With these approvals, the Florida-based avionics manufacturer can now ship new units as well as upgrade existing units with the company’s AviOS10.3 software. AviOS10.3, for use with Avidyne’s IFD series of FMS/GPS/nav/coms and Atlas/Helios FMS products, includes a host of new features, including several targeted at helicopter operators such as a radar altimeter display, power line database, optional three-arc-second high-definition terrain database, and half-mile zoom range.

Other new features include visual approaches, which “provides stabilized guidance into any runway in the database,” said John Talmadge, Avidyne vice president of worldwide sales Avidyne’s visual approaches feature “allows pilots to select Straight In, Base, or Downwind entries, plus glideslope angle.” Talmadge said.

“We have faced several challenges in getting AviOS10.3 to market, including of course, the global pandemic and supply chain crises, but Avidyne has continued to innovate, and we are pleased to bring these new capabilities to our current and future customers,” said Avidyne President and CEO Dan Schwinn. “AviOS10.3 includes several significant new functions and features that will continue to keep our FMS line at the forefront in general and business aviation avionics.”

All new IFDs and Atlas/Helios FMS units are being shipped with AviOS10.3, and the software is available at no charge as a field-loadable upgrade through authorized Avidyne dealers. Dealer installation labor is not included. The TSOed terrain awareness warning systemenablement for new IFD and Atlas installations costs $7,999 per aircraft and includes the three-arc-second terrain database. Learn more on Avidyne’s website.

Niki Britton

eMedia Content Producer
eMedia Content Producer Niki Britton joined AOPA in 2021. She is a private pilot who enjoys flying her 1969 Cessna 182 and taking aerial photographs.
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