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Garmin G5000 available soon for more Cessna Citations

Garmin's G5000 integrated flight deck retrofit for Cessna Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2 jets is expected to arrive soon, having already been installed in 120 Citation Excel and XLS models since 2019.

The Garmin G5000 integrated flight deck. Photo courtesy of Garmin.

The existing upgrade program has brought "significant technology and financial benefit to operators," said Garmin Vice President of Aviation Sales and Marketing Carl Wolf, in a news release. "We look forward to expanding this program to include the Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2, bringing the same advanced avionics capabilities and lower operating costs to more Citations in the fleet."

The G5000 features three landscape-oriented displays that allow split-screen views, which can display maps, charts, checklists, and other critical information simultaneously. Touch-screen controllers are designed to make data entry and page navigation easy, and the G5000 install for XLS+ and XLS Gen2 Citations allows two GI 275 electronic flight instruments to serve as standby attitude and direction indicators, each with a 60-minute backup battery. The installation also includes a digital automatic flight control system, which helps manage speed and performance.

An automated emergency descent activates in case of cabin pressure loss, a standard feature that is able to guide the aircraft to a preset altitude automatically.

Synthetic vision display has been upgraded to include a 3D exocentric view of the airport for improved situational awareness during ground operations, and includes 3D structures, signage, and markings to help reduce runway incursions. Pilots can use the touch-screen controller to program a taxi route that is depicted on either the 2D or 3D display. The SafeTaxi database, and other internal software, can be updated via Garmin's PlaneSync system.

The G5000 upgrade includes fully integrated ADS-B, including traffic awareness, as well as the GWX 8000 StormOptix weather radar, with an automated mode for simplified operation.

Jim Moore

Jim Moore

Managing Editor-Digital Media
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