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Created by Diamond Aircraft

How Diamond’s DA50 RG sets the new single-engine standard

Since its launch in North America at Oshkosh 2021, the Diamond DA50 RG has captured the fascination of American pilots. Certified by the FAA this past July, the highly anticipated single-engine piston with retractable gear is landing with happy customers across the country. The DA50 RG’s long-awaited arrival marks what we believe is a new era in modern general aviation. 

There's an old aviation saying that an airplane flies how it looks. That's especially true for the Diamond DA50 RG.

The DA50 RG is a large airplane that exudes power and elegance with its muscular stance and sleek lines. From the imposing air scoops to the robust, electrically heated three-blade propeller, every element of the aircraft boasts a combination of style and fierceness that channels your attention.

The true magic happens when you get inside the cabin of the DA50 RG. Opening the gullwing doors reveals an awe-inspiring cabin full of comfort and sophistication. The premium interior of the DA50 RG is sporty, stylish, and inviting for both pilot and passenger.

And let's not forget about all that available space. The DA50 RG is one of the most spacious single-engine aircraft available. It feels like a twin. Thanks to the generous front seats with adjustable backrests and a folding three-seat second-row bench, the aircraft fits five adults comfortably and still has plenty of room for luggage.

With an 884-pound full-fuel payload, the DA50 RG is the perfect single-engine aircraft for family trips or weekend getaways. You'll never have to compromise on comfort or convenience.

For the pilot, the modern avionics of the Garmin G1000 NXi and its many features are second to none. From the optional GCU476 alphanumeric keypad in the center console (you’ll never go back to using the knobs) to the electric air conditioning system you can switch on at any time, the DA50 RG is designed to enhance every part of the pilot's experience.

But the Continental CD-300 engine truly sets the DA50 RG apart. The CD-300 is a revolutionary geared, liquid-cooled, turbo-charged and jet-A1-fueled engine controlled by two redundant full FADECs that greatly simplify engine operation and reduce pilot workload with only one engine lever to operate. Along with low emissions and low fuel consumption, running on jet fuel means you can fly the DA50 RG virtually anywhere in the world.

As you press the start button and hear the CD-300 roar, you can feel the 300 horsepower in front of you. Yet despite its power, the engine is remarkably quiet and smooth as you climb to cruise altitude, making every flight a pleasure. The precise feel of pushrod actuated aileron and elevator controls create a perfect balance of maneuverability and stability. With its power, elegance and performance, the DA50 RG is truly a thrill to fly.

The DA50 RG is more than just an exciting new single-engine piston with retractable gear—it's a testament to the passion and innovation of the entire team at Diamond Aircraft.

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Trevor Mustard
Trevor Mustard is Head of Aircraft Sales and Marketing at Diamond Aircraft Canada and has worked with Diamond for nearly a decade. Trevor holds a Transport Canada Commercial Pilot License with TCCA and FAA instrument ratings.
Topics: Diamond Aircraft, Single-Engine Piston, Around-the-World Flight