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Skip the roadtrip

Aircraft vacation packing essentials!

It’s officially summertime, and that means we could all use a vacation! Grabbing the keys and hitting the open road used to be an easy, effective getaway for most of us. But now, with skyrocketing gas prices, and car rentals, we’ll have to opt for other options. They say getting there is half the fun, so this summer, forget Route 66 and follow the highway in the skies.

AOPA Pilot Gear products shot at Farmer's Cay in the Bahamas in April 2022.

While you may be missing out on the world’s largest ball of twine, and other quirky roadside attractions, the views from above can’t be beat. As a bonus, you’ll get there in half the time while working on your proficiency—a win/win.

Of course, before loading up the aircraft, you’ll need some essentials. Here’s our picks for a smooth ride to make your trip that much more enjoyable:

Anti-Roadtrip Club Tee : The perfect comfy tee for those of us who would take wings>wheels any day.

Packing Cube Set: Before heading out of the house, make sure to get organized with these functional packing cubes—a must for every trip! 

Waterproof Dry Bag: Whether you’re at the beach or having a lake day, this custom designed bag will keep all your valuables safe and dry.

Bahamas and Caribbean Guides: For those who are heading south to the islands, make sure to grab the latest edition of AOPA’s Pilot Guides. This book bundle includes planning information, detailed airport data on each airport in the islands, aerial photos, travel information, and more!


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