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Positive News

June 22 was Positive Media Day and even though this day has passed, everyone should still focus on positive media. This day aims to spread awareness of how negative stories are standard in the media.
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Exciting things are happening every day that we never hear about. Here are five uplifting stories from 2023 to celebrate Positive Media Day.

  1. Women in Aviation International introduced its new Mentor Connect program. It aims to support and empower women across all areas of the aviation industry.

  2. According to a new study, the experimental drug Vorasidenib significantly decreased the progression of brain cancer.

  3. A new material derived from old clothing could eliminate 110 million metric tons of waste.

  4. A woman bought four plates with abstract faces painted on them with ‘Picasso’ signed on the back for $6 at a thrift store. Upon further research, they were genuine Pablo Picasso pieces worth $10,000!

  5. Portugal is assessing an agile drone that carries firehoses to put out wildfires at great rates.

  6. Scientists discovered a new dinosaur, Platytholus clemensi, that walked on two legs and grew fifteen feet long. It had a dome-shaped head with bristles that grew out of it (like a toothbrush!). 

Seeing stories like these can make us smile and be hopeful about the future. You can get more of them by unfollowing pages or channels that negatively affect you. I also recommend following pages that focus on positive news stories like the ‘Good News Network.’ Even seeing content that makes you laugh is a tremendous help. Focusing on the positive can give you a better view of the world!

AOPA employee Caroline Smith headshot at Frederick Municipal Airport in Frederick, Maryland, February 27, 2023. Photo by David Tulis.

Caroline Smith

Product Marketing Coordinator
Caroline Smith is a Product Marketing Coordinator at AOPA. She graduated from Towson University with a BS in Business Administration. She has experience writing as a Marketing Intern at the Chesapeake Gateway Chamber of Commerce in Essex, MD, where her work was featured in the Avenue News. She enjoys pet sitting, reading thrillers, and crocheting.

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