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Rules to Live By

Safety Spotlight: Do the Right Thing

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There will always be some risk in flying, and it’s possible to encounter a problem that you could not have foreseen. Such situations, however, are statistically rare. If you pay attention to the things that are most likely to cause trouble (weather, maneuvering flight, crosswinds, etc.), and then handle them in a timely fashion, you’re unlikely to become a statistic.

Keep These Points in Mind:

  • Contract. Prepare a personal minimums contract, and consult it before each flight.

  • Leave yourself an “out” before the flight to avoid external (or self-imposed) pressure to go.

  • Anticipate. In the air, actively anticipate the things most likely to go wrong.

  • Recognize. Maintain an active mental and physical lookout for things that have gone wrong.

  • Act. When things have gone wrong, act quickly and conservatively to remedy the situation.

  • Priorities. Know your immediate (aviate, navigate, communicate) and large-scale priorities (survive unharmed, save the aircraft, reach destination).

  • Evaluate the flight once you’re on the ground. Be objective so you can catch problems sooner and deal with them effectively.