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UAT Products

One of these 978UAT Universal Access Transceivers, transmitting a WAAS signal from an approved GPS navigator or a separate WAAS GPS receiver, will fulfill your ADS-B Out requirement.

You also may choose from available 978UATs with integral WAAS GPS—some cost less than 978UATs with a GPS receiver—or from one of these 1090ES Mode S Extended Squitter transponders, some of which offer integral WAAS GPS receivers. 

However, if your aircraft is capable of flying in Class A airspace or internationally, keep in mind that equipping with a UAT ADS-B Out solution could affect your aircraft’s resale value as the FAA’s January 1, 2020, mandate approaches.

Note: If you own an airplane with an integrated glass cockpit, check with your airframe’s manufacturer for information on available options.

PLEASE NOTE: While a 978UAT will meet the ADS-B Out requirements you have defined, other considerations could make a 1090ES solution more economical for you. Learn more here.

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Manufacturer Product MSRP Wx Available Notes
BendixKing KGX 130 $2,095 Y Y opt wifi
FreeFlight Systems FDL-978-XVR $3,935 Y Y wifi, diversity capable, w/control head, antenna, install kit
Garmin GDL 88 $3,995 Y Y diversity capable, dual band receive, opt Bluetooth $624
Sandia Aerospace STX 360 $3,200 Y expected 2019 Mode C xpdr with 978UAT ADS-B Out, In; traff disp; wifi


MSRP: Manufacturer’s suggested retail price does not include installation. May not include antennas, installation kits, control heads, or other required accessories; check with individual manufacturers.

Wx: Unit is ADS-B In capable, able to receive subscription-free FIS-B weather and ADS-B traffic information.

Notes: Diversity—ADS-B antennas on both bottom and top of aircraft (required in the United States only for TCAS II-equipped aircraft); Dual band—receives both 978UAT and 1090ES datalinks; Opt wifi—optional WiFi capability for data display on tablet or smartphone; Remote—remote mount, with control head or control through other avionics; Xpdr repl—replaces existing transponder

Manufacturers: Contact [email protected] to request updates, corrections, or to add any missing products.