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Palm Springs International chief details Summit prep

Pilots flying into Palm Springs International are treated to a breathtaking view of the desert mountains. Photo by Ryan Gobuty-Gensler.

Tom Nolan is the executive director of Palm Springs International Airport (PSP), the host facility for this year’s AOPA Aviation Summit. We caught up with Nolan via Twitter to see how the preparations are taking shape for Summit, which kicks off Oct. 10 with a Parade of Planes from the airport. Below is a transcript of the Twitter interview, with no more than 140 characters of questions and answers.

Tom Nolan is the executive director of Palm Springs International Airport.

AOPA: How many GA aircraft does PSP handle a year?
Tom Nolan: GA is important and we have two fine FBOs: Signature Flight Support and Atlantic Aviation to serve the 40,000 annual OPS.

AOPA: What is one of the more unique features about your airport?
TN: PSP is a unique and beautiful desert setting with great weather and mountain ranges on two sides.

AOPA: How long have you been planning in preparation for the AOPA Summit?
TN: There is a team of stakeholders that have been involved in the planning of the event for several months now for a great event.

AOPA: What role does the airport play in AOPA’s Parade of Planes?
TN: The briefing for attendees will be on airport and the aircraft order set up before they leave airport property.

AOPA: Why do you think PSP is a great location for AOPA Summit?
TN: A world-class destination in a desert setting which has the highest probability of any climate for producing great weather for the event.

AOPA: How does the airport work with the PSP CVB and Visit Palm Springs to attract convention business?
TN: I work with all stakeholders within the nine city area to help attract convention business to our destination because it is a world class venue engine for the economy.

AOPA: What can members expect when they arrive at PSP?
TN: Although it will be busy from an air traffic and logistics perspective, attendees can expect it to go as well as any event this size.

AOPA: What is your favorite PSP restaurant and why?
TN: 700 eateries throughout the “Valley” with Palm Springs having many new opened since the last event and all are winners depending on your palate.

AOPA: If there was one attraction in PSP that our members shouldn’t miss—besides Summit—what would you recommend?
TN: Mountains have a world class tram just a mile from the convention center, a must-do for aviators and great golf courses.

AOPA: Can you give us a quick weather report?
TN: Desert Sunshine!

After that perfect weather forecast from Nolan, plan to fly in to AOPA Aviation Summit. Arrival and departure procedures are available for download. Come for the parade on Oct. 10 at 10 a.m. Pacific and stay for the entire Summit, Oct. 11 through 13. This year, Summit offers opportunities for you to hone your flying skills in the air and on the ground, purchase aviation products, and more. Register today.

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