‘Goose,’ ‘Iceman’ lend voices to Disney’s ‘Planes’‘Goose,’ ‘Iceman’ lend voices to Disney’s ‘Planes’

Dusty Dane Cook gives voice to the character “Dusty,” a crop duster aspiring to race. Image courtesy Disney.

“Iceman” and “Goose” of Top Gun fame return to the silver screen in animated form this summer, part of the star-studded cast of Disney’s animated feature Planes, the story of a crop duster that dreams of racing.

Bravo and Echo Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer perform the voices of “Bravo” and “Echo.” Image courtesy Disney.

Anthony Edwards, a real-life pilot recently featured on AOPA Live This Week will rejoin Top Gun co-star Val Kilmer performing the voices of “Bravo” and “Echo” in the adventure comedy about a crop duster named “Dusty” who must overcome a serious fear of heights—along with some design disadvantages—to compete against top-flight racing airplanes in a race around the world. A preview published in USA Today details much of the storyline of a movie originally slated to go straight to DVD but now planned as a 3-D theatrical feature. A publicist eagerly predicted the film will inspire a new generation to take flight in real life and pursue aviation careers.

Stacy Keach, Brad Garrett, Teri Hatcher, John Cleese, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are also among the well-known names in the cast, announced in full on March 27.

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Jim Moore

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