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Pilot Protection Services Webinar ArchivesPilot Protection Services Webinar Archives

ATC Pilot Deviations: Common Types and Mitigation Strategies
In case you ever hear: "POSSIBLE PILOT DEVIATION. ADVISE YOU CONTACT THE TOWER" (or ATC), do you know how to handle it? This exclusive PPS webinar will cover what constitutes a pilot deviation and a legal perspective on how deal with the FAA.

Legal Issues of Buying and Selling Aircraft
Buying or Selling an aircraft is one of the largest financial transactions you will make in your life. Kathy Yodice will address the legal issues that can bite you.

Flying After 50
Once you pass the big 5-0, things start to happen medically. In this webinar, Dr. Jack Hastings will share what you can do to retain your flying health and your medical. Click here to download an accompanying handout.

Surviving a Ramp Check
Presented by: Kathy Yodice, Esq., of Yodice Associates. You’ll learn:

  • Why are they conducted
  • How to prevent "unwanted scrutiny"
  • Handling the FAA inspector

MedXPress: Successfully Completing Your Next Medical—Online
Presented by: Dr. Warren Silberman. You’ll learn:

Protecting Yourself from FAA Enforcement
Presented by: Kathy Yodice, Esq., of Yodice Associates. You’ll learn:

  • What are the possible outcomes if the FAA is asking questions?
  • Suggested steps to avoid problems
  • The differences between—and possible consequences of—Administrative Actions, Remedial Training, and Warning Letters

How to Pick a “Good” AME
Presented by: Dr. Warren Silberman, formerly the Manager of FAA Aerospace Medical Certification. Learn:

  • Why an Aviation Medical Examiner is not your treating physician
  • What specialty to look for in an AME
  • The FAA wants to issue your medical certificate—how to make certain your AME will advocate for you
Topics: Pilot Health and Medical Certification, Pilot Protection Services, AOPA Products and Services

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