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AOPA Interviews the candidates on GAAOPA Interviews the candidates on GA

Election 08

You know where they stand on the war in Iraq, taxes, and healthcare. But do you know where Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain stand on general aviation issues?

“With all of the excitement surrounding this year’s presidential election, AOPA members have been asking me, ’Who should I vote for president?’” said AOPA President Phil Boyer. “Rather than endorsing a candidate, we asked the campaigns where they stand on GA.”

Each campaign was given the same eight questions that touched on FAA funding, air traffic control, GA security, and the environment. AOPA’s intent is to help you become more informed on where these candidates stand on GA before you head to the polls.

Two days after the Nov. 4 election, AOPA will host a hard-hitting discussion among several Washington, D.C., aviation insiders about what the results mean for GA. You can be a part of the discussion at AOPA Expo in San Jose, Calif., during the Nov. 6 general session. AOPA encourages members who will be traveling to Expo on Election Day to request an absentee ballot in advance.

Most of the national attention centers on the race for the White House, however, the congressional races will have a crucial impact on issues of interest for general aviation. Congress is important because this group of 535 elected officials must approve the policy legislation that sets the course for the government. To learn more about general aviation’s allies in the 2008 election click here.

AOPA Communications staff

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