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AOPA represents GA at Iowa Transportation Day

AOPA used its participation in Iowa’s Transportation Day at the state capitol Jan. 29 to meet with state legislators and their staff, including members of the leadership and members of key committees, such as the House Transportation Committee.

The group, which included representatives from the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation and the Iowa Public Airports Association, promoted general aviation in the state. They also advocated for positive aviation legislation to advance the industry and the air transportation system as well as to keep airports safe.

AOPA Central Southwest Regional Manager Yasmina Platt attended on behalf of members in the state. Michelle McEnany, director of aviation for the Iowa DOT, and representatives from Iowa airports and the Iowa Public Airports Association also attended.

Some of the agenda items and discussions at the event included ensuring that money raised by aviation is reinvested back into aviation via the state’s aviation trust fund, ensuring that Iowa’s aircraft maintenance industry is competitive, increasing recreational aviation, and ensuring that airports are funded at appropriate levels.

“Elected officials need to know what is important to their constituents. It’s important to actively engage in passing, promoting, and proposing positive aviation legislation and fighting legislation that can negatively impact general aviation,” said Platt. “This was a great way to let Iowa legislators know of the general aviation community’s concerns and needs.”

Topics: Advocacy, Aviation Industry

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