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Dallas SIDs and STARs overhaul takes effect Sept. 18

Changes to departure and arrival procedures in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport airspace will take effect Sept. 18, and AOPA is cautioning pilots to plan ahead for the new procedures.

Changes include new RNAV-based standard instrument departure (SID) and standard terminal arrival route (STAR) packages for Dallas/Fort Worth and Dallas Love Field, deletions of 14 legacy SIDs and STARs, and changes to the remaining SIDs and STARs, as well as new frequencies for most departures and arrivals. They are designed to optimize traffic and permit continuous descent angle arrivals. Pilots should be sure to plan ahead and ensure they have updated their flight management system databases; the new procedures should be available now from all database providers.

At Dallas Love Field, aircraft with RNAV equipment noted in item 10 or 18 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) flight plan will automatically be given an RNAV SID. The tower may confirm the first point on the departure with the takeoff clearance, and pilots will be expected to fly the procedure as depicted unless they are specifically assigned headings by the tower. Since pilots who cannot fly the departure will be required to refile their flight plan with the RNAV equipment removed, AOPA encourages pilots to plan ahead. Find more information about Love Field departures.

Pilots are encouraged to report any issues they encounter with the new procedures using this form, which may be submitted by email.

Sarah Deener
Sarah Deener
Senior Director of Publications
Senior Director of Publications Sarah Deener is an instrument-rated commercial pilot and has worked for AOPA since 2009.
Topics: Advocacy, Airport, Airspace

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