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Lightspeed announces summer headset dealsLightspeed announces summer headset deals

Pilots thinking about upgrading their headsets with Bluetooth technology and active noise cancellation would be wise to take note of Lightspeed Aviation’s Summer Sale promotion and discounts between now and Aug. 2.

The company announced that, beginning on June 22, customers purchasing a Lightspeed active noise reduction (ANR) headset with Bluetooth will receive instant savings of $100 on the company's top-of-the-line models Zulu PFX and Zulu.2, and $50 instant savings on its lower priced Sierra headset.

All three of these over-the-ear headsets feature the convenient FlightLink in-flight recording app, which captures and retrieves incoming and outgoing communications and is especially helpful for copying down clearances or when receiving taxi instructions.

“Every headset Lightspeed offers includes state of the art active noise cancellation, full Bluetooth integration, and compatibility with our FlightLink app,” said Ed Hansen, Lightspeed’s marketing director, in a press release.

David Tulis

David Tulis

Associate Editor Web/ePilot
AOPA Associate Editor Web/ePilot David Tulis joined AOPA in 2015 and is a seaplane-rated private pilot who enjoys vintage aircraft, aerobatic flying, and photography.
Topics: Headsets, Technology, Aviation Industry

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