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Over 5,000 BasicMed pilots and counting

Just over two weeks after BasicMed regulations became effective, more than 5,000 pilots have taken advantage of the new medical certification alternative.

Photo by Mike Fizer.

"Pilots are flocking to BasicMed because it is less burdensome and allows them to work with their personal physician who knows them best," said AOPA President Mark Baker. "It is easier, cheaper, and safer, which is why we are seeing this positive response."

Reactions to BasicMed have been overwhelmingly positive. One pilot from Tyler, Texas, had given up on the often-frustrating special issuance process, and found BasicMed easier to navigate, which allowed him to get back to enjoying his passion for aviation. Another AOPA member of almost 30 years was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes and shared his excitement for how "BasicMed has lifted a burden off my shoulders." He no longer feels the stress of jumping "through the hoops to get all of the documentation every year" or feels rushed to get the required paperwork completed properly and on time. He is thrilled that he can now get cleared by his family doctor, who is familiar with his medical history.

AOPA has developed a suite of online tools in its Fit to Fly resources section to help pilots learn more about BasicMed. If you’ve been out of the cockpit for a while, AOPA offers a Rusty Pilots program designed to help pilots get back into flying.

Have questions? Call the AOPA Pilot Information Center’s hotline at 888/462-3976 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time, or contact AOPA online.
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