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Aerobridge calls for COVID-19 mission volunteers

Editor's note: This story was updated April 10 to remove inaccurate information. AOPA regrets the error.

Aerobridge, the organization that coordinates the use of donated aircraft to provide relief in disasters, has stepped up to provide medical-supply logistics support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Aerobridge volunteer pilots help transport supplies in times of disaster, such as the pictured relief flight in Florida after Hurricane Irma. Now, Aerobridge is seeking volunteers to provide key transportation during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo by David Tulis.

Pilots who have registered as volunteers for Aerobridge operations should be ready to fly on short notice on the initial supply runs of an operation expected to begin April 8 and continue for many weeks. Ground crews were also needed, Aerobridge said in an April 7 Facebook post.

The missions, which Aerobridge believes could become a “vital link” if commercial air traffic comes to a standstill, “include transportation of masks, sanitizer and other items,” said Aerobridge Founder and CEO Marianne Stevenson. 

Aerobridge was working to collect supplies in a warehouse in Fort Smith, Arkansas, spokesman Charley Valera wrote in an April 10 email. The organization said in its previous Facebook post that supplies would be distributed from that location, as well as Dallas.

“As the supply chain adapts to a routine schedule we will have more clarity on exact flight times/dates,” Valera said.

The COVID-19 logistical support operation “is a very different mission profile than prior disasters, but we are ready to serve and are highly experienced at thriving in the face of adversity to help others in need. With the very real possibility of commercial air traffic coming to a standstill, we may rapidly become the vital link to keeping critical airborne transport flowing for response and recovery efforts,” Aerobridge notes on its website.

Pilots can register as Aerobridge volunteers online. For more information email Valera.

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