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New panel replacement option for older Cessna 172 models

Six Pack Aero receives STC

Six Pack Aero, manufacturer of affordable custom stationary instrument panels for Cessnas, received a supplemental type certificate for the Legacy XL Stationary Panel.

Lyle Jansma gives a tour of his Cessna 172 equipped with the Legacy XL Stationary Panel at the AOPA Hangout at Felts Field in Spokane, Washington, September 10, 2022. Photo by David Tulis.

The replacement stationary panel is for Cessna 172 models E through M and allows for the installation of 10-inch primary flight display avionics.

“Many Primary Flight Displays, commonly referred to as ‘glass cockpits,’ have been approved for all Cessna 172 models in 2 common sizes, 7-inch and 10-inch. In Cessna 172 models produced prior to late-1975, the 10-inch displays will not fit above the pilot side control yoke without modifying the structural stationary panel, which is considered a major modification,” Elizabeth Gibbs, business manager at Six Pack Aero, explained. “With the increase in affordable glass cockpit retrofit solutions for older aircraft, the Legacy XL Stationary Panel offers a solution to safely upgrade older aircraft not only for the avionics solutions of today but also for many years to come.”

It all began in 2018 when pilot and founder of Six Pack Aero Lyle Jansma and Gibbs sought to upgrade their 1971 Cessna 172L with flush-mount Garmin G5s in a six-pack, instead of the stock offset layout, and discovered they couldn’t put a six-pack in the L model. “We ended up keeping the offset layout and created a new aluminum instrument panel as an owner manufactured part,” Gibbs said.

“Over the next couple years,” Gibbs continued, “we began to help other owners design instrument panel overlays as owner manufactured parts and started Six Pack Aero, and through this learned the limitations of all the models of 172. When a good friend of ours approached us wanting to know if he could put a [10-inch] G3X touch in his 1973 172M, Lyle came up with the idea of redesigning the stationary panel to accommodate [10-inch] PFDs or six-packs. After that proof of concept was successful, Lyle decided to pursue the STC.”

Lyle Jansma's Cessna 172, equipped with the Legacy XL Stationary Panel at the AOPA Hangout at Felts Field in Spokane, Washington, September 10, 2022. Photo by David Tulis.

The Legacy XL Stationary Panel will be available starting in January for purchase from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co., at the introductory price of $6,950. For this price, buyers will receive:

  • STCed stationary panel assembly.
  • Five instrument panel modules (configured per buyer’s specifications).
  • Upper skin extension.
  • Molded Kydex glareshield.
  • Sirs Navigator pedestal mount compass.

Looking to the future, the company has plans to add the Cessna 172 B, C, and D models to the STC, and is beginning to develop a design for Cessna 182s.

Niki Britton

eMedia Content Producer
eMedia Content Producer Niki Britton joined AOPA in 2021. She is a private pilot who enjoys flying her 1969 Cessna 182 and taking aerial photographs.
Topics: Avionics

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