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ASI Safety Alert: 2017-1ASI Safety Alert

10,000 Approaches Removed from Pro Line 4 and Pro Line 21 Flight Management Systems

ASI Safety Alert
ASI Safety Alert

View the recent ASI Safety Alert Update 12-2

The Issue:

Rockwell Collins identified a problem affecting the Flight Management Systems (FMS) in Pro Line 4 and Pro Line 21 equipped aircraft. Rockwell Collins informed database subscribers that effective November 9, 2017, it would remove from both the Jeppesen and Lufthansa (LSY) Navigation Databases approximately 10,000 approaches for which the FMS may not turn correctly after an altitude is edited. This can occur in departures and missed approaches Operators Bulletin 0166-17R2.

Affected Procedures:

Seventy-five percent of procedures affected are ILS/LOC and VOR based approaches, which can be flown without the FMS if the aircraft is appropriately equipped. Twenty-five percent are performance based navigation (PBN) approaches (which require FMS). Operators can view a complete list of the procedures that were excluded from their database.

What You Should Do:

The AOPA Air Safety Institute encourages pilots to review the status of all destination and alternate instrument approaches before departing. Pilots should keep in mind that air traffic controllers may not be aware of the issue, resulting in clearance to fly an approach that has been removed from the FMS data base.

Check the Rockwell Collins Website to determine procedures included in the current database cycle and to check the frequently asked questions.

To increase safety awareness and help reduce accidents, the AOPA Air Safety Institute periodically issues Safety Alerts to inform the aviation community of a critical air safety issue that presents a clear risk to pilots.