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Take Your Medical Exam

This chart explains the specific medical certificate requirements for each pilot type:

Medical Certificate Class III
Type Pilot Private, Student,
Duration 2 years if age 40 or older;
5years if less than 40 at exam
Distant Vision 20/40 in each eye with or without correction
Near Vision 16 inches 20/40 in each eye with or without correction
Color Vision Colors necessary for safe performance of airman duties
Hearing Conversational voice at 6 feet with both ears, or audiometry
Blood Pressure No standard. If medication required, will need cardiovascular workup. Current guideline maximum is 155/95.
ENT No disease causing vertigo or disturbance of speech or equilibrium.

*Updated March 2017

AOPA’s Medical Certification specialists are available to assist you with questions regarding obtaining medicals or waivers. Call 800-USA-AOPA or log on to the AOPA website to chat with a representative. AOPA also provides up-to-date information on allowed/disallowed medications for pilots who hold FAA-issued medical certificates.

Learn more about the medical certificate process as well as your options in the case of a revoked, suspended, or denied medical certificate.

Once you have obtained medical clearance to fly, you can begin your actual flight training.