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Identify potential problems before you complete your MedXpress application

TURBOMEDICAL USERS: TurboMedical is one of our oldest online platforms and the technology upon which it was built is now outdated and no longer supported. As a result, TurboMedical will no longer be available after December 31. 2020.

If it has been a few years since your last FAA medical examination, you may be surprised to know that the paper medical application form that you completed in the aviation medical examiner’s office at the time of your exam has been replaced by a mandatory online medical application called MedXPress. The online application is now the only method of submitting a medical application, and should be completed prior to scheduling a physical examination with your medical examiner. A word of caution, though—the only browser that will work for MedXPress is Internet Explorer!

Once you submit the MedXPress application, you will have the option to print an exam summary of the form that you can retain for reference before your next FAA physical examination. The printed copy will include a confirmation number at the bottom of the page, and you will also receive an email with the confirmation number that you will take with you to the AME. This number is required at the time of the physical exam as the AME will use it to download your application from the FAA system to complete the examination and issue your medical certificate.

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