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NY governor declares May 'Aviation Appreciation Month'

Declaration comes as legislature mulls GA bill

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has declared May as Aviation Appreciation Month in the state. The declaration comes just as AOPA and the New York Aviation Management Association ramp up a major legislative effort to pass the Aviation Jobs Act, which will cut the cost of aircraft ownership in the state.

AOPA and the New York Aviation Management Association held an informational webinar on May 7 to educate state residents on the Aviation Jobs Act (Senate Bill 273-B and Assembly Bill 3677-B) currently in the legislature. AOPA was also one of the sponsors of New York’s annual Aviation Advocacy Day March 11 and 12, where leaders from across New York state advocated for laws favoring general aviation.

“This is a timely proclamation from the governor as the local general aviation industry works to further the Aviation Jobs Act, which will boost jobs and improve the efficiency of New York’s airports through the targeted elimination of the state sales tax on aircraft,” said AOPA Eastern Regional Manager Sean Collins. “Given aircraft owner/operators current choice of cheaper aircraft basing alternatives in neighboring states, New York continues to lose would-be [airport] tenants. Each loss represents not only the aircraft but all associated economic activity that includes jobs, taxes, and other fees. As the governor calls attention to our industry, this is our opportunity to directly affect change reduce the direct cost of ownership in New York.”

But the task of passing the legislation cannot be done without member support, said Collins. “So watch the replay of our webinar to learn more about the Aviation Jobs Act and send an email to your local Assembly and Senate representatives to request their support for this important legislation,” he said.

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