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Training Tip: In the nick of time

AOPA Flight Training
VOL 20, ISSUE 49 December 4, 2020
Training Tips
In the nick of time
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In the nick of time
Making good landings is customarily the single most challenging skill for a new pilot to acquire, the path to proficiency paved with instances of floating, bouncing, drifting, tire-screeching sideloads, and go-arounds. Read more >
Ice on the deck
As we inch toward winter, examine the hazards of icing and learn how to avoid them. Read more >
After the checkride
Night flying
Along with separate rules and equipment requirements, night flying poses numerous challenges not encountered in daylight. Read more >
Flight Training News
You Can Fly
Apply for AOPA flight training scholarships
The AOPA You Can Fly program has a fresh round of scholarship funding lined up for high schoolers, teachers, student pilots, and certificated pilots seeking advanced ratings. Applications are due February 14. Read more >
You Can Fly
A lesson in the sky
Students utilizing AOPA's High School Aviation STEM curriculum in Greenville, South Carolina, put their classroom experience to the test with a flight lesson November 24. Read more >
Texas Aircraft pitches basic Colt
Flight schools asked for an affordable light sport aircraft with Garmin in the panel and an all-metal airframe. Texas Aircraft Manufacturing responded. Read more >
Mutual inspiration
Central Florida Aerospace Academy's annual celebration of student achievements in 2020 included the school resource officer, who was inspired by the students to achieve his longtime desire to become a pilot. Read more >
'I went to the church of lean of peak'
Ask the A&Ps podcast hosts Mike Busch, Paul New, and Colleen Sterling talk about why running lean of peak is so beneficial, and tackle questions on sticky valves, how to properly break in an engine, oil consumption, and more. Submit your questions for the next episode. Listen to the podcast >
Pressure over the Atlantic
Ferry pilot Kerry McCauley was flying solo over the North Atlantic when he discovered a serious issue with his auxiliary fuel tank. Watch this new AOPA Air Safety Institute Real Pilot Story to learn how he found a solution and survived.
Earhart scholarships available
Five different Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships and Awards are available for individuals pursuing aviation training and certificates from a trust fund that is managed by The Ninety-Nines Inc., International Organization of Women Pilots. The deadline is January 1.
Test your knowledge
Can you answer these questions from the AOPA Pilot Information Center and retired airline pilot Barry Schiff? Find out >
AOPA Live This Week
Virtual NBAA; Guillow's legacy; Chattanooga SeaRey
We bring you the latest from the business aviation world. Also, tour the Paul K. Guillow Inc. factory, where balsa kindles a love of aviation, and fly the Tennessee River Gorge in a SeaRey. Watch AOPA Live This Week® >
Career News
COVID-19 downturn could be short-lived
Business aviation has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, but the industry is already improving, according to Honeywell Aerospace. Read more >
JETNET forecasts bizjet trends
From the depths of the COVID-19 crisis in March, when optimism was down 43 percent, the fourth-quarter mood of 20,000 business aircraft owners surveyed surged into positive territory following news that coronavirus vaccinations are imminent, according to a JETNET iQ poll. Read more >
Five questions
Vlogger Nancy Bradshaw
Video blogger Nancy Bradshaw chronicles her life as a regional airline pilot on YouTube, including being furloughed because of traffic declines resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Read more >
Epic Flight Academy on the move
Epic Flight Academy in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, will begin training students in a full-motion Cessna 172 simulator from Frasca International. The six-axis Full Motion Cueing System for fixed-wing devices brings higher level technology from advanced aviation training devices to general aviation simulators.
Aviation job board
Job of the week: Flight attendant, Air Wisconsin Airlines
Operating as a regional airline in the United States, Air Wisconsin Airlines performs flying services as a partner with United Airlines. The sole flight attendant on each aircraft will perform a variety of services conducive to the safety and comfort of passengers. Read the full description and apply today >
Training Products and Resources
Online resource
Just in case
Look at ways to handle those critical "up here, wishing you were down there" situations as safely as possible in this AOPA Air Safety Institute Safety Spotlight. Learn more >
Children's book introduces aviation to youngsters
Earthrounder Robert DeLaurentis teams up with fellow pilot Susan Gilbert for The Little Plane That Could, a children's book with illustrations by Ed Croft that introduces youngsters to aviation through Dash, a small red airplane dreaming of soaring with larger and more capable aircraft. The authors hope the wholesome story will kindle the next generation's desire for flight. The book is available online in electronic and paper formats starting at $2.99.
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Member Benefits
Beaches rule during December Pilot Passport challenge
If short days and gray skies have you down, the Beach Therapy Challenge with the AOPA app's Pilot Passport feature could boost your mood. Read more >
iFlightPlanner integrates with iFly GPS
A new integration between iFlightPlanner and iFly GPS allows flight plans to be wirelessly synced on Android, Windows, and Apple mobile devices. Read more >
Member benefit
Avoid last-minute mix-ups
These four common mistakes can delay your aircraft purchase. Read more >
How to buy an airplane
Learn how to navigate the process of buying an airplane—from prepurchase inspections and title searches to financing and insurance—during an AOPA webinar on December 8 at 7 p.m. Eastern time. Register now >
Instrument Tip
Squawking 2020
The FAA appears to be cool to continuing coronavirus pandemic relief for pilots. Read more >
Photo of the Week
Beechcraft Premier 1 jet
Beechcraft Premier 1 jet
A composite fuselage and a swept wing help identify a Beechcraft Premier 1 jet captured in banked flight by AOPA Senior Photographer Chris Rose. Follow @flywithAOPA on Instagram to see more photos from AOPA staff and members.
Final Exam

This article about lifesaving missions in the February 2020 issue of AOPA Pilot includes some inspiring stories about why folks earned their certificates. It got me thinking that others might want to share their reasons for joining the pilot ranks.
Pilots love to share how they got started in aviation, including me. I had wanted to fly since I was a child. The owner of a local real estate company purchased two brand-new Piper aircraft and put them on leaseback at the local flight school. My mom was the company's top-selling agent, so the aircraft were offered to me at a substantial discount—I just had to buy the gas and pay the instructor. That was, as they say, a no-brainer and provided my entry portal into the world of aviation. Fast forward to today—36 years, 10,000 hours, and hundreds of students later, it is still as much fun as it was the day I soloed at age 18; that day was only bested by the day, much later, when I soloed a helicopter. Join the discussion and share how you got started in aviation >

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Education & Seminars
AOPA's in-person educational courses and seminars have been canceled or postponed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Stay sharp with our webinars, podcasts, and videos.
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