Training and Safety Tip: Altitude adjustment

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VOL 22, ISSUE 25 June 24, 2022
Training and Safety Tips
Altitude adjustment
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Altitude adjustment
The word "altitude" has many meanings to an aviator, and accurate awareness of distance above solid objects requires active intervention and situational interpretation. Read more >
Gyro Hero
It sure is breezy up here
Flying an aircraft that is wide open to the air can be exhilarating, and teach you things about how to manage fear. Read more >
Flight Training News
Your AFTA answers
AOPA's senior director of flight training explains how our new flight training platform works to everyone's advantage. Read more and watch a video >
Classroom teachers primed to fly
Classroom teachers were prepped (in the best ways we know) to deploy the AOPA Foundation High School Aviation STEM Curriculum. Read more, view photos, and watch a video >
Online resource
Meet the Extra 300
Experience how advanced maneuvers build confidence through heightened awareness in the new series Beyond Proficient: Extra 300 by the AOPA Air Safety Institute.
What Am I
Paper charts are still being printed, though today's pilots could fly an entire career without touching one. Read more >
Permitted by lack of prohibition
You may not find a regulation that says you may do a certain thing, but, if there is none that says you cannot do that certain thing, then you can do it. Clear as mud, right? Read more >
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Round and round
What is a spin called when performed in approximately level flight? Test your knowledge >
Career News
Five questions
Meet Textron's Miranda Konowitz
Textron Aviation Program Manager Miranda Konowitz leads a team of more than 100 different people and entities bringing the Cessna SkyCourier to production. Read more >
Premium content
You are being recorded
Microphones on flight decks are always recording; flight data is constantly captured also. The data gets used for more than accident investigations. Read more >
AOPA Pilot® Producer's Pick
Short flight, high workload
Ride along on a short repositioning flight in a Cessna Citation CJ3 and see how busy two pilots can be during a 15-minute trip. Watch the video >
'Hangar Talk': GAMI's Braly on G100UL
General Aviation Modifications Inc. founder George Braly updates us on G100UL unleaded aviation fuel. Plus, stick around for the news. Listen to the podcast >
Aviation job board
Job of the week: CFI, Bravo Flight Training
Bravo Flight Training is hiring CFIIs for the school's Frederick, Maryland, and Martinsburg, West Virginia, locations. Full-time hours are available for a motivated instructor. Bravo Flight Training offers FAR parts 61 and 141 training with a variety of aircraft. Read the full description and apply today >
AOPA career opportunities
Join the AOPA team
Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation into a career? AOPA is looking for a senior manager of communications, a Legal Services Plan attorney, a data analyst, a Western Pacific regional manager, a product marketing coordinator, and a graphic designer. Learn about AOPA career opportunities >
Training Products and Resources
Pilot Magazine
178 seconds
Inadvertent visual flight into instrument conditions often ends (less than 3 minutes later) in accidents with an 86-percent fatality rate. Read more >
Online resource
Learn from 'CFI to CFI'
Read about the importance of checklists, clearance instructions, and more in the latest edition of the AOPA Air Safety Institute's CFI to CFI newsletter.
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Member Benefits
Pilot protection services
Patterns within patterns
If you are interested in staying alive, performing to the best of your ability, and looking good to anyone watching, consider practicing patterns during your flight. Read more >
AOPA Aviation Finance
Aircraft ownership and credit score
What is the minimum credit score requirement to get a loan on an aircraft you own? Read more >
Photo of the Week
Fireworks around the corner
Fireworks around the corner
From Independence Day to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022, the coming weeks will be packed with powder, and pilots have unique opportunities to take in the best shows from the air, or on the ground. AOPA Senior Photographer David Tulis captured this view at AirVenture. Some CFIs may be willing and able to schedule a local night flight to view the shows.
Final Exam

I am a student pilot and would like to buy a Cessna 182. I am practicing maneuvers for my private pilot checkride. What hurdles should I expect?
You can purchase a 182 as a student, but if you have trained in other aircraft and you are just short of your private pilot checkride, learning a new aircraft with characteristics not found in typical trainers might extend your training significantly. Better to wait until you finish the checkride before you start thinking about buying something different from what you're training in now. When you are ready to purchase an aircraft, AOPA's website has a section chock-full of good information on buying your first airplane. Join the discussion >

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