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Extra 300 Series

Beyond Proficient

Become a better, safer pilot with the AOPA Air Safety Institute's Beyond Proficient: Extra 300 video series. The videos take you into the cockpit of a 300-horsepower aerobatic airplane to experience how advanced maneuvers build confidence through heightened awareness of the airplane's dynamics.

The series introduce upset recovery from turning and accelerated stalls—including base-to-final skidded and slipped turns leading to stall/spin scenarios—nose pitched down stall recovery, and aerobatics such as aileron rolls, loops, Cuban eights, split-S maneuvers, and more.

Learn to unload the wing so the airplane can't stall.

The series is made possible by the generous support of the Hall-Halliburton Foundation. Special thanks to Bruce Williams who donated the Extra 300 to AOPA.

Part one, Meet the Extra 300, introduces N105MM with a walk around to look at the powerful airplane and its airframe and engine components.


Part two, The Flight, shows why upset recovery training with a qualified instructor can help pilots better understand the dynamics of unusual attitudes and gain knowledge on how to safely recover from them.


Part three, Introduction to Aerobatics, demonstrates how performing aerobatic maneuvers with a qualified instructor can help pilots improve situational awareness and build confidence in flying.