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Aging Aircraft


Just as our lifestyle choices (diet, exercise, etc.) affect our true age, an aircraft’s “lifestyle” also affects its true age. Whether you own or rent, you should consider factors that influence the aircraft’s health and aging process—advancing its true age beyond its factory age. This spotlight delves into causes of aircraft aging, offers suggestions for proactive inspection and maintenance practices, and discusses renovation opportunities that can extend an aircraft’s useful life. Learn what to look for and who to ask about the effects of aging on your aircraft or the one you rent.

You’ll review:

  • How flight activity, improper maintenance, and damage accelerate aging
  • Causes of metal fatigue and how to address the problem
  • Effects of climate exposure
  • How to identify exterior, interior, and engine compartment aging symptoms
  • Why aircraft renovations can be beneficial
  • Best aircraft maintenance practices
  • How to conduct an advanced preflight inspection after maintenance
  • Tips to reduce the effects of aircraft aging