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Wisconsin members asked to take online tax survey

Survey to show benefit of new maintenance tax exemption

In the wake of a new Wisconsin law offering a tax exemption for aircraft parts and labor that went into effect on July 1, AOPA has created a survey to collect information on the prospective impact of the tax exemption. The organization also wants to use the survey results as a tool to continue to educate lawmakers on the importance of the industry within the state.

The measure was signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker on April 3. It was actively supported by AOPA and the local aviation community during the past legislative session. 

The survey has questions covering topics including the impact of the tax on maintenance decisions; amount spent yearly on maintenance; competition for maintenance in neighboring states; how the tax exemption will affect maintenance businesses in the state; and the effect of the exemption on Wisconsin’s airports.

Members are being asked to take the survey because having hard economic data that shows an increase in aviation activity, associated economic activity, and hiring will help AOPA maintain strong ties to legislators in Wisconsin as it seeks future aviation reforms. The survey will collect information from aircraft owners, fixed-base operators, aircraft maintenance providers, and airport management officials on the new tax exemption. 

“After any tax change, it is important to go back to the legislature and tell the story of how the tax change is benefiting not only the aviation industry, but the entire state as aircraft maintenance work and jobs return and grow in Wisconsin,” said AOPA Great Lakes Regional Manager Bryan Budds. “The survey will help quantify specific improvements and will guide future legislative opportunities in Wisconsin.”

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