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Intercept Procedures

While an up-close-and-personal view of an F-16 may sound interesting, it's best to avoid getting your own private military air show. If you are intercepted, however, an understanding of proper procedures will help you maintain composure while you comply.

1. What are the three phases of an intercept procedure?

2. If intercepted, you should attempt to communicate with the pilot of the intercepting aircraft on which radio frequency?

3. If the intercepting aircraft rocks its wings and then initiates a slow, level turn to a new heading, it means that you ____.

4. If the pilot of the intercepting aircraft wants you to follow him or her and you are not in radio contact, how should you signal that you understand and will comply?

5. If equipped with a transponder, you should squawk ____ when intercepted, unless ATC instructs otherwise.

6. At any point, to signal that you cannot comply, you should ____.

7. If the pilot of the intercepting aircraft decides to terminate the intercept procedure, he or she will ____.

8. If ATC provides you with instructions that conflict with the intercepting aircraft's signals, you should ____.

9. You've been intercepted, and the intercepting aircraft has designated a landing runway. After consulting the airport diagram, you think the runway may be too short. Must you land on the designated runway?

10. The AIM instructs pilots to ____.